Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yesterday began a new day in American History. We saw the first African American take the oath as President of the United States of America. And whether you voted for him or not he is our new President. I didn't vote in this Presidential election, the first one that I haven't voted in since I was able to vote in 1984. I didn't vote for many reasons, mainly because there was so much hoopla around this election I just couldn't see clearly to make a correct decision on either candidate so I chose not to vote. However, yesterday while watching the Inauguration ceremonies I was very impressed with President Obama, and his speech to our nation. He is a very humble man, and I believe that God will use him to do mighty things for our country. That doesn't mean that we as Americans just stop and say "Ok, Mr. President it's all in your hands now!" And leave it to him. It means we get down and dirty too. We get on our knees, and pray. We pray for this man! He has a lot on his shoulders. Not only does he have the weight of the free world riding on his shoulders, he is also a husband, and a father. He needs all of us to pray for God to guide his decisions as he chooses his cabinet, with each bill he puts before the Senate and the House, and the balancing act of President, Husband, and Dad


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