Saturday, January 3, 2009

It is Saturday and time for Faith'N Fiction Saturdays with My Friend Amy. Today's question is . . .
What are your reading goals for the new year? Do you have plans to read through the Bible or complete any Bible studies? Do you hope to expand your reading horizons or reread some old favorites? Do you want to read more fiction or non-fiction? Do you want to increase the amount of Christian fiction you read? Do you have any goals for reading as it relates to your blog?

Last year I created an excel spreadsheet to keep track of my reading for the first time and I was faithful and read 120 books. I am doing that again this year, and hoping to read more.
I received a new Bible for Christmas, since my most treasured Bible was destroyed in my car accident in 07, and I plan to enjoy reading it. I have some inductive Bible studies of Kay Arthur's that I haven't finished that I plan on finishing. I really plan to do a better job of reviewing the books I receive through the alliances I belong to. Since starting my blog in 07, which it was started for a completely different reason than what I use it for now. I want to be a better reviewer, go deeper with any of the Christian non-fiction I read during the year - like posting a portion of a book and asking for comments or a devotional, shine lights on really great Christian fiction, and show books that could shipwreck our Christian lives if they're read. I want to use my blog as a light for Christ, and so that is how I plan on using it in 2009.


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Such wonderful goals! I like the idea of a spreadsheet. I have never done a study by Kay Arthur. I too am hoping to get deeper into the word. Have a wonderful New Year!



I think it's great that you weren't afraid to change your blog's direction and that you're using it to shine the light!

My mother highly recommends Kay Arthur's studies. I'd love to do them, if I ever have the time. - Ah - I guess that's ever make the time. LOL

Great goals. Kay Arthur is a favorite of mine too!

I really want to keep a spreadsheet! Fantastic idea! :)

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