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Saturday, November 29, 2008

It is Saturday, and once again time to do Faith N' Fiction Saturdays with My Friend Amy. Here is the question for this week.

Hello everyone! I was away all this week for the Thanksgiving holiday and just came back to an overflowing google reader and email inbox. But tis the season to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones and what better way than through Faith 'n Fiction Saturday?

As you may know, I launched a campaign to encourage people to buy books for the holidays (you can visit that site here) and there are some fantastic bloggers who have really contributed a lot of great ideas into the blog. I hope you check it out.

But now it's your turn to share some ideas! What books should others be buying for Christmas? Do you need any gift help? You can handle this topic in two ways....either make a list of recommended books to give as gifts this year OR ask a question about what book you should get someone. (for whom you have been unable to think of a book gift for).

I have read some great books this year, and even so not quite sure what to suggest, but I'm going to give it a shot.

If you have a reader who likes a good thriller that will keep them up at night until the last page is turned I suggest Isolation by Travis Thrasher.

For someone who likes chick lit, I'd say Kristin Billerbeck's series The Trophy Wives Club which that is book 1, and Back To Life is book 2 in the series.

With mid teen to young adult women I have to recommend The Daughter's of Boston series by Julie Lessman. The first book is A Passion Most Pure, the second is A Passion Redeemed.
For mid teens to young adults across the spectrum I have to recommend hands down It's Not About Me by Michelle Sutton.
These books are so powerful for our young people today. They speak on a level that they can understand and relate to. They're not preachy or demeaning - they're real.

For suspense I'd recommend Dark Pursuit by Brandilyn Collins.

If you have readers that like the Amish my choice is Cindy Woodsmall's series Sisters of the Quilt. The first book is When The Heart Cries, followed by When The Morning Comes, ending with When The Soul Mends.

For historical I have to recommend the following In The Shadow of The Lions by Ginger Garrett, Mozart's Sister by Nancy Moser, Washington's Lady by Nancy Moser, and Just Jane by Nancy Moser.

I can't think of any others. If I do I'll update my post.


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I agree with you about Dark Pursuit. What a great read! Happy Faith 'n Fiction!

I agree with several of those choices. I have read almost all you suggested and they were great books.

Great suggestions! I'm almost done with In the Shadow of the Lions and love it!!

My post is a little late, but here is my

:) Wendi

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