Saturday, September 20, 2008

The latest and greatest from our house. We get calls from the west coast end June beginning of July - crying, begging, pleading, from our oldest daughter who has shacked up with a guy, created a baby before getting married, is living with his mother, and because they are so incredibly LAZY, she's fed up and kicking them out in August. So we don't want our granddaughter living in section 8 housing or on the street. We scramble, put the money together to move them out here. They knew they were going to be responsible to re-pay the cost of moving, along with rent etc. They arrive, and what do they do stay up til 3AM and sleep til noon. Spend what money they have on cigarettes and alcohol. They did finally get married at the justice of the peace on the 9th of September, and now finally when it looks like Tori, Stefani's husband has a really good job, Tori's sister posts this on MySpace . . .


Sunday September 28th starting at 2:00pm we are having a donation pot-luck party. Tori, Stephanie and Nalani Roberts are hoping to come home. They are hitting some hard times down in VA and really want to come back.
If we get enough people we can get them back here and settled in by next month!
Everyone please bring a dish to share & bring something to contribute to bringing the family home.

Here is what we need:
Money (Obviously)
A place to stay and get settled in
That’s pretty much it actually!!!

So, after we've moved them out, and had them living in our home rent free, and my parents paid a car payment for them so they wouldn't loose their car and drive ours. It could all be for not . . . just a waste of money, my husband's time off of work to bring them out, everything! Just for them to turn around and go back. Whether it will happen is another story. It's just the idea after everything. I'm frustrated, angry, and tired! They're adults, and they're suppose to be doing this on their own not relying on everyone else to do it for them. Yet, it's like they expect us to do it and if we don't we're the "bad" parents or we don't "love" enough. That's just not right and not even fair. It's super easy to point blame instead of taking responsibility - you have to remember when pointing blame there are three fingers pointing back at you!


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Andie, I'm so sorry, girl... hang in there!

So very sorry. As a former single mom, I have to say that I made my bed and had to lie in it. My son was a huge motivator for me to get my act STRAIGHT. You can only do what you did. You tried to help out, and maybe they will get things in gear and work it out. It was lovely of you to make the steps you did for them, but at some point one has to stop. They have to grow up. I hope that someone has some sense to tell that sister that what they are planning is really not going to help them. What are they supposed to do when they move back? Keep having fund raisers because they are...lazy? I'm so sorry.

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