Top Ten Tuesday - Favorite Romantic Couples . . .

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Happy day after Tax Day, and aren't you glad we're done with taxes for another year?

I promise you have gone back in time. It's not a Valentine Day Top Ten Tuesday Repeat. Today's topic is a freebie, so, I looked at some of the topics from Broke and the Bookish and saw this one titled favorite romantic couple's who's romance would survive in the real world. I actually thought this would be easy, but it was harder than I thought.

Ty and Celia from Meant to Be Mine by Becky Wade - When your romance starts out with "I'm in love with someone else.", you can survive anything the real world has to throw at you.

Jimmy and Collete from The Wedding Chapel

Bo and Meg from Undeniable Yours 

Karim and Hannah from The Esther Paradigm

Jonas and Tenley from The Writing Desk

Horst and Anna from The Melody of the Soul - When you fight off Nazi soldiers, nothing in the modern world will scare you!

Mac and Savannah from Not a Word - Real life is a piece of cake compared to small towns with nosy neighbors.

Ian and Sierra from Troubled Waters - A broken chopper, and a rogue wave that strands you makes modern day life look easy!

James and Isabella from Across the Blue

Wyatt and Dorothy from The Sea Before Us - Day to day life today may stink, but I think D-Day had to be worse!

Alex and Rachel from The Saturday Night Supper Club

I believe these couples, even with their difficulties could survive in our modern world. Their author's have created them so believable, and brought them through so much between the pages of their stories that day to day life shouldn't be as hard.

What favorite romantic couples of yours do you think could survive in modern day? Let me know in the comments.


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I love the couples you chose!

Thanks, Rachel!

Why, thank you, very much!! ❤️

I’ve met 5 out of the 10 couples and, yes, they’re my favorites, too!!! Though I have just met Eisley and Wes from Just the Way You Are and I’ve fallen in love.....and Lucas and Willa from A Song Unheard...

Thank you, Andi! I believe Wyatt & Dorothy could survive anything. Of course, would they have met if it hadn't been for the war??? Hmm....

Eisley and Wes are a definite favorite of mine. They’d make it in modern day too!

Welcome, Sarah! That’s a question only you can answer since you created them. ;)

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