First Line Friday #33

Friday, August 18, 2017

I won't be around much today as my daughter flew in from California last night and I am looking forward to a weekend with my daughters and my grand-babies. Today I am going to feature The Enoch Effect by Rick Acker. I won a copy of this book and am a huge fan of legal fiction and I hope to move this up on my TBR list soon.

About the book:

Insurance litigator Leigh Collins has a knack for turning up that missing e-mail that wins the day or breaking down complex facts to sway a jury. So she’s hoping to make partner with her latest case: cancer researcher Dr. Elijah Rhodes and his life’s work are lost in a lab fire, and Biosolutions looks to cash in on a $100 million policy. Unfortunately, she’s up against Daniel Rubinelli, assistant general counsel for the biotech giant, who has a personal vendetta against cancer. In court, Leigh and Daniel clash from the beginning, ensuring a grueling case.
But soon greater concerns emerge. The late doctor might have found a “kill switch” for cancer cells—potentially wiping cancer off the face of the earth. While most of his findings were lost in the fire, he likely backed up his data, though encrypted beyond recovery.
Now, in this edge-of-your-seat thriller, two contentious lawyers must set aside their differences to locate the research before the doctor’s greatest discovery falls into the wrong hands…and the
                                                      secret to life ends in death.

First Line:



Silence filled the lab, interrupted only by faint electronic murmurs from scientific equipment lining the walls.

Chapter 1


Leigh Collins loved her job. She loved finding the case-winning e-mail that the other side had missed.

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