TLC'S Sisterwives

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I have wanted to blog about this show, yet each time I go to, I get distracted. Kody Brown appalls me! As does this entire lifestyle! He is only legally married to Meri, his first wife who he married in 1990. He then met Janelle who is his second wife in 1989, they are not legally married because WHY????? It would be illegal, it's called POLYGAMY!!!!!!!! They had a ceremony but it was not legal. He met his wife Christine in 1990, through her sister. She went out on an outing with a bunch of people and said to him "out of all of the guys I know you would be the one I would want to marry." He took that as a proposal and that started the ball rolling they were married in March 1994. Watching Sisterwives I saw his dating Robin and then marrying her which was just a ceremony, not legal, and she now lives in a separate home away from Kody and the other wives and children. Forgetting that this entire lifestyle is based on the Mormon church, which by theology is a cult. Kody is only legally married by our government's standards and by God's standards to one woman, Meri. As for the other women he is committing adultery with them, and he is doing it right in front of impressionable children. During the last episode I watched they were getting ready to go on a picnic and every time a police car drove by they all got nervous because of the investigation. Now . . . if you weren't doing anything wrong, why would you be worried????
They've put the kids in public school so they are no longer sheltered by the polygamist community. So . . . what's going to happen when these kids start finding out that polygamy is not a normal lifestyle, that it is actually wrong . . . what will Kody do then? How will he be able to damage control that. The answer . . . he wont! He has opened a huge can of worms 1st by being in this lifestyle, 2nd airing it on tv, and 3rd taking another wife - and in taking his 4th wife he did things he had never done with the other ones. He drove farther away in dating. He kissed Robin on the lips before the ceremony something he had never done with Janelle, or Christine. As you can see he's getting bolder.
People will say this is about family, - the wives even say I wanted a family not just the man. Well . . . what do you think you get when you get married and have children. You get his family, he gets yours, and you have children. This is not about family. This is about a man with nothing more than a sexual addiction and a way to use women as a fix. He gets to have his cake and eat it too! Yet it is the wives and the children who suffer. They have to share time with him. God didn't intend families to be like this. It's just truly sad.

Grandfathers DVD Review

The Grandfathers, a motion-graphics film about a young man’s struggle with his complicated heritage, completes a trilogy produced by EthnoGraphic Media (EGM) that includes End of the Spear and Beyond the Gates of Splendor. These first two films, also from award-winning director Jim Hanon and producer Mart Green, tell the unforgettable and inspiring story of the killing of five missionaries by a stone-age tribe deep in the Amazon jungle. The impact of this tragic event lives on today in families of these slain men as well as among those responsible for their deaths.

Steve Saint consulted with Hanon and Green to help bring the story of his father, Nate, to screen through the feature film End of the Spear and the companion documentary film Beyond the Gates of Splendor. These films trace events leading up to and including the deaths of these men. More than that, they show the impact these events played on the lives of both their survivors and their killers. When the widows and their children went to live among the Waodani—a tribe regarded as the most violent on earth—they became an integral part of an incredible redemptive journey.

The Grandfathers showcases both the burden and benefit of the Saint family’s legacy. Jesse Saint, Steve’s oldest son and Nate’s grandson, was not raised among the tribe like his father. He struggles to find his place under the weight of the memory of a famous grandfather he never knew and a heroic father he does not fully understand. This will all change after Jesse travels to the jungles of Ecuador with his family and gradually forms a special bond with Mincaye, one of the tribesmen who took part in his grandfather’s murder. Only then will he confront his family’s past and come to terms with his own destiny. And there he will find his place in this story.

The Grandfathers chronicles the personal quest for greater connectedness and significance. It is also a moving tribute to ordinary people living extraordinary lives in extreme situations. Hanon states, “Forgiveness is an awe-inspiring virtue that seems to have been passed on by the Saint family and is shared by many among the Waodani tribe—both demonstrate a profound capacity for forgiveness and healthy self-healing.” This inspirational film has been awarded The Dove Foundation seal of approval.

My Review: This was a very confusing DVD. Set in Ecuador, where I have been. I went there my SR year on a missions trip. It was very hard to follow. I understood that missionaries were killed by the tribe that the missionaries, Hanon and his family, who were doing the video lived among the Waodani tribe. A different, yet interesting video.
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