Saturday, August 7, 2010

WHY, someone please explain to me why there has to be such HATE! I don't see the gay community standing on the sidewalk holding a sign saying God hates heterosexuals. Yet, there on the sidewalk with a man pushing a stroller behind him, is man holding a sign saying God Hates Fags . . . the last time I checked God Loves Everyone . . does He like what everyone does NO, now is that for us as humans to decide NO, the last time I checked He is the final Judge, Jury, and Executioner . . . not me, and surely not some man on the street corner. I just wish there was more loving going on instead of all this hate because it drives me CRAZY!!!! I see this stuff and it breaks my heart! Did we forget that these are people with feelings, made up of flesh and blood; who have parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, friends, and seeing these kinds of things hurt them too. Or has our society come to a point where we've just discounted them as people. I pray not. I ask you the next time you hear about Prop 8 in California, the National Organization of Marriage movement, that you pray that love will be more prevelant than hate. As someone who really wants to see love abound more than hate, I just can't stomach all this hate. Thanks!

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