Thursday, August 1, 2019

Author Interview Featuring Angie Dicken

Hi Angie, welcome to Radiant Light.

Angie: Thanks for having me. I appreciate being here.

Me: Let’s break the ice with some fun get to know you questions.
Me: If you could hang out anywhere for a week would you go to a foreign land 
or someplace remote?  

Angie: I would love to go to England. I grew up there, and I have some research to do for upcoming stories.  (Hanging out always includes writing! Haha). 

Me: What a fun place to grow up and it would be fun to spend some time there.
Would you call yourself a night owl or an early bird?

Angie: I am a night owl, but the older I get, the harder it is…and once I am up, I really do love the early morning hours. Maybe both?

Me: I'm definitely a night owl. Especially, when it comes to reading. It always takes me awhile to wake up but once I'm up energy seems to appear out of no where. 

Me: When it comes to curling up with a good book what would we find you drinking coffee, hot or iced tea, water, something else? 

Angie: Coffee (it’s brewing right now)!

Me: Your comment made me giggle. I agree with you, Coffee!

Me: Now that we have coffee on the brain, what was your favorite Saturday morning cartoon? 

Angie: Hmm, I loved Strawberry Shortcake, Tom and Jerry, and You Can’t Do That on Television (not a cartoon, but I am pretty sure it was on during Saturday mornings).

Me: I've never heard of that one. The title is definitely interesting. I loved Tom and Jerry, too!

Me: Here on my blog I say that it is a radiant light and source of encouragement for both readers and authors. What do you hope radiates from your daily life?  

Angie: Authenticity. I just want people to feel like they are safe to be themselves with me.

Me: That's beautiful! I love it! We need more authenticity in our world today.

Me: Your new release has me wanting to know more about this time period and grave robbing. I am currently reading The Yellow Lantern and would love to know where you got the idea for it. Please don't give anything away.

Angie: When Barbour decided to do this series on True Crime, grave-robbing was super interesting to me. I am a doctor’s daughter, and grave-robbing has ties with the medical community. I immediately told my dad about the idea and he was open to giving me some research resources.

Me: How fun! I bet he could find all kinds of great resources for you. Dad's are the best!

Me: If I asked Josie Clay to describe you as an author what would she say? 

Angie: Interesting question! I think she would say that I left her hanging too often because I would go down a rabbit trail with research before I’d write her into the next action! LOL. 

Me: Oh, man! I did that to a character when I was doing NANO. I kept writing other things and left my heroine in the shower for a week. LOL 

Me: What is your kryptonite as a writer? 

Angie: Honestly, as a historical writer, my biggest fear is getting the history wrong. I love, love, love history, and I want to portray it accurately.

Me: I can see how that would be a fear. 

Me: Is there a favored quote from The Yellow Lantern you’d like to share? 

Angie: “Josephine Clayton had not been afraid of dying. Mourning had taught that living proved more difficult." 

Me: I love that quote! It is one of my favorites.

Me: We're quickly coming to the end of our time here. Which I'm sad about because it has been fun getting to know you a little better.

Me: I have one final question 
Do you have any Facebook release parties, or book signings coming up? 

Angie: Yes! The Yellow Lantern has had a summer blog series this summer, and for the month of August, we’ll have a giveaway including some fun themed gifts (nothing morbid!). The summer series info is at my author page and website, and the date for a Facebook party will be advertised on my FB author page the first week of August! Stay tuned!

Me: That sounds like loads of fun! I'm really curious about the 'themed' gifts. Those sound interesting.

Me: Angie, thank you so much for spending some time with me today. I have really enjoyed getting to know you better, and learn more about The Yellow Lantern.
I hope The Yellow Lantern has a great release and reader’s learn about this time in history. 

Angie: Thank you so much, Andi! 

You can read my review of The Yellow Lantern and see where you can connect with Angie Dicken, as well as enter a giveaway for The Yellow Lantern which released today by clicking HERE!

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