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Saturday, May 22, 2010

One thing that bugs me is to hear women gripe about how the U.S. Military ruins their plans because they can't be with their significant other, or worse yet to listen to them complain about not getting sex. SERIOUSLY! I am a former Navy wife, was married to a Navy man for over 20 yrs, and it's what you sign up for if it's not what you want then guess what DON'T DO IT! I mean you have no reason to complain when you know exactly what you're getting yourself into. If they can't handle it at a girlfriend level what is going to happen when they're married, because it gets WORSE! For me it just seems utterly ridiculous to put yourself out there in that way because you are just showing that you can't handle it. I'm not saying that being a military wife is easy because it's not it takes a very special woman that can do it, however if it's not something that you don't think you can handle then don't get involved with a military man. He needs someone that can handle changes on a dime, and can roll with punches. Not someone who is going to whine and cry because plans got tanked, hasn't heard from him or can't talk to him, deployment got moved up or extended. These things happen. It's part of military life. I am super serious when I say don't even get involved if you don't THINK you have the tenacity to go the distance.


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Amen and amen. Well said. As a pastor I have had to counsel couples through these very issues.

Thanks David! It is so frustrating to hear women complaing. Military wives have so much at their disposal now that I didn't when my Ex husband was active. We didn't have cell phone access or email. I think they look at what they don't have instead of what they do which is really sad.

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