Cecil the Lion VS. Planned Parenthood

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The story of Cecil the lion's murder hit social media yesterday with a fury. Paying thousands of dollars to go kill an animal for sport makes me sick to my stomach. I am by no way a PETA member. I enjoy a good steak. This was completely different situation and because of this trophy kill Cecil's cubs could also be killed by the next dominant male. This dentist didn't just murder Cecil he will also be responsible for the murder of his cubs. I can't even express in words how disgusting this is to me. When I was around ten I remember going hunting with my dad's family. I don't remember much, probably because I was in the camper most of the time. I am not a hunter by any stretch, I couldn't look at an animal and kill it.
Here's where this entire story gets interesting. Good natured people are comparing the anger at the murder of Cecil to abortion. Stating "I wish people would get as upset over millions of babies who are killed in America, as they are over this lion." My response what's the difference?! Cecil didn't ask to be killed, be-headed, left for dead on the African wasteland. Planned Parenthood as we have found out recently has been not only killing babies they've been selling parts. And the difference . . . the difference is that as an American citizen I don't know the names of the women going into get an abortion. I do however know the name of the animal murdered, Cecil, and the murderer, Walter Palmer. For me that makes it personal.
I hope Walter Palmer gets what he deserves. I say let Jericho the new dominant male have him for lunch and leave Cecil's cubs alone. I don't see that happening.
What the good natured people need to understand is that as humans we can be upset about more than one thing at a time, and if you're a woman the list is long, and just because we all don't get upset at the same thing at the same time doesn't mean that it doesn't bother us.


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