The Bachelor - Finale, Finale

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

I know that the finale of The Bachelor this season has been cussed and discussed since Monday night and more so since last night.

I am still pretty floored that ABC would air what Arie did to Becca on national TV, and I am even more bothered by the fact that I watched it. I could not turn away. I kept hoping after he broke up with her and broke her heart that he'd respect her wishes and just leave. I couldn't believe he followed her, kept asking if she needed anything or wanted to talk. I actually started looking for my bad call brick that I use during football season to throw at the TV.

I honestly thought that while Arie was a slime ball and a playboy with the girls, I hoped he'd have more maturity, and life skills at 36 than he showed during the finale. If he was so conflicted between Becca and Lauren why didn't he just not propose to either, and why would you tell one or both girls that you loved them? Didn't anyone not pay attention to Ben Higgins when he told both Jojo and Lauren that he loved them? Can we just say nightmare?! And what it is with the name Lauren?

Arie's comments "I feel like a monster," "I hate this for her." Really?! He should feel like a monster.

I loved what baby Bekah said (thanks Audra for the term.), "he's not a genuine person, and he just needs to say whatever he needs to say in front of the person to get what he wants. I think he's an incredibly manipulative person." Caroline, which I know we're all trying to remember her, said "he has zero empathy for her and doesn't take her feelings into account."

Chris Harrison's comment about Arie making a bone-headed error when he got down on one knee and proposed to Becca is more than bone-headed. It is down right horrible and ridiculous!

Ladies, think back to the day your spouse proposed. Mark took me completely by surprise on New Year's Eve 2010, which is what is supposed to happen. I couldn't one figure out why he was reaching in his suit coat pocket and why he got on one knee. He said something similar to me that Arie said to Becca. "I want you to know that I am not just making this choice for you today, I will make this choice everyday. I want you to know you can count on that. I started crying and he asked me to marry him, I could barely say yes because I was crying.
You've now been proposed to, you said yes and you are living on perpetual cloud nine. You are dreaming about your dress, your dad walking you down the aisle, where you'll go for your honeymoon, who will stand up beside you, the whole enchilada. And then he decides he's made the biggest mistake and he's in love with his ex-girlfriend, and has decided he wants her back. He breaks up with you, you sadly give back the ring, and you are devastated. I couldn't imagine how painful that would be. Coming from the marriage I came from Mark knew that I needed to know that I would be his choice every single day.

ABC, how dare you! I mean what were you thinking?! Like Caroline said "Becca has a huge heart and wants everyone around her happy."
Producers had to know he wanted to break up with her so why didn't any of you suggest for him to do it off camera, and tell him once he broke up with her to walk away! Or stop filming until he left! I feel as though the break up segment wouldn't have gone on for as long as it did if he would've just left.
I've watched The Bachelor since season one, and while I enjoy the show, I really hope that you as a network never film a proposal break up again!

I honestly think this all boils down to what the girl's told Chris Harrison. Before he ended things with Becca he "had" to call Lauren to make sure they still had a chance. He clearly is a manipulator, doesn't think or care about anyone's feelings but his own. It's not that I don't want both, Arie and Lauren to be happy, I love this show because I believe in love and fairy tales. I just think there was a better way to handle all of this without showing her pain live in real time.



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