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Friday, March 23, 2018

Welcome to Friday! I'm so glad it's the weekend, it's been a crazy week, and while tomorrow will be a tough day with a funeral, I'm hoping that I will get some down time.

Today's topic provided by Hoarding Books is "In like a lion, a lamb, March, weather . . ."  All I could think of was The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, but knew just about everyone would use that book. I enlisted some help and Magnolia Storms by Janet Ferguson was recommended.

About the book:

Maggie Marovich couldn’t save her father or her home from Hurricane Katrina, but she’s dedicated her life to meteorology so she can warn others when the monster storms approach. Except…she works three hours inland and rarely risks returning to her childhood hometown of Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Both her single-parent sister and the ship pilot Maggie once loved refused to leave the Coast, despite Maggie’s requests. Now a hurricane’s headed toward Mississippi, and Maggie’s sister is seriously injured, leaving Maggie little choice but to head south—into the storm.
The water and tides flow through Josh Bergeron’s veins, and he can’t imagine giving up piloting—even for the love of his life, the infuriating Magnolia Marovich. He tried to move on without her, marrying and having a child. But after his wife abandons him and his little boy, his career choice is threatened by the weight of his parental responsibilities. Moving next door to Maggie’s sister and sharing their child care seems like the perfect set-up. Until Maggie blows back into town.
Being forced to lean on Josh for help washes up the wreckage in Maggie’s faith. Where was God during the destruction of Katrina? Why do some prayers seem to go unanswered? Between the hurricane looming in the Gulf and another gale raging in her heart, can Maggie overcome her past and find the trust to truly live?

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First Line:

Fear and loss snaked around Magnolia Marovich's heart like they always did when she studied the satellite images on the three computer screens in front of her. Not again. The waters should be calming down in November, not churning up a monster.

Sounds like a hurricane is on it's way, huh?

Let me know what you think about this line and leave yours in the comments, then go to Hoarding Books, see their line and all the other First Liner participants.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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Opening the door was the hardest part. Not that she expected to find it locked, because no one out here in this part of Texas ever locked anything. The Countess and the Cowboy by Kathleen Y'Barbo from the Seven Brides for Seven Texas Rangers Romance Collection

Happy Friday and Happy Reading! :)

Oh, Andi! I'm super excited to be here!! I hope you and your readers enjoy Magnolia Storms!!
I'm currently reading the new Francine Rivers novel The Masterpiece. (I'm a huge fangirl of Francine!)
Roman Velasco climbed the fire escape and swung over the wall onto the flat roof.

The novel is fantastic so far, and I'm about halfway finished.

Blessings and hugs!

The book I'm featuring on my blog this week is Love on the Mend by Karen Witemeyer. I love all the books I've read of hers. Here, I will share the first line of chapter 17 from the book I'm currently reading, The Social Tutor by Sally Britton. "Thomas waited for her arrival, this time on Christine's side of the brook, his breath turning to fog in the cold air." Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

I’m sharing the first two lines from A Most Noble Heir by Susan Anne Mason on my blog today. Here, I will post the first line from the novel I’m currently reading, Beneath the Surface by Lynn H. Blackburn.

“Homicide investigator Ryan Parker flashed a thumbs-up to his dive buddy and fellow homicide investigator, Gabe Chavez.”

Let me tell you, that thumbs-up quickly becomes a thumbs-down!!! This book is really gripping. I can’t figure it out!!! 😄 Happy Friday.

Happy Friday! My first line is from Bridgette by Patricia PacJac Carroll:

“Bridgette, get up. The sun and the rest of us have been working for three hours.”

My first line is from Winning Miss Winthrop by Carolyn Miller:
The deeply blue Gloucestershire sky brought comfort as Catherine Winthrop emerged from the tenant farmhouse.

I’m sharing from Mary Connealy’s Now and Forever on my blog today, but here are the first lines of another second in series book with a heroine that loves tending her sheep, Beloved Hope by Tracie Peterson:

Oregon City, Oregon
May 1850

“You can’t be serious.” Hope Flanagan looked at the man who sat opposite her at her sister and brother-in-law’s kitchen table. “You expect me to testify at the Cayuse trial.”

Happy Friday!

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