First Line Friday #32

Friday, August 11, 2017

Welcome to First Line Friday. Today I am going to feature a book by four of my favorite authors, Bill Myers, Frank Peretti, Angela Hunt, and Alton Gansky.

The Next Wave of Stories in the Harbingers Series Arrives
Cycle 2 of the Harbingers series continues the story of four gifted strangers brought together to fight a growing darkness.
In Bill Myers's "The Revealing," the team finds themselves in Rome trying to retrieve the mystical spear Hitler once owned--the very spear that pierced Christ's side. This task will take them from hidden chambers inside the Vatican to a mysterious seaside cave with powers they could never expect.
Frank Peretti's "Infestation" unleashes a microscopic evil on the world that deceives, blinds, kills, then spreads. The Harbingers team must confront a monster bent on seducing and destroying mankind.
In "Infiltration" by Angela Hunt, the team is wounded and barely holding together. Forced to split up, they realize their investigations have led them into dangerous waters.
Alton Gansky's "The Fog" unleashes a supernatural mist unlike any other. There are vicious things in the fog that kill whatever they find. One team member realizes that the ultimate sacrifice                                                               may have to be made.

First Line:

"What're you sketchin' now?" Cowboy asked. I flipped my notebook shut like a kid caught with porn.
The big guy smirked, "You know, Miss Brenda, you don't have to keep hidin' your gift under a bushel."

Quite a hook, huh?! What's your first line? Let me know in the comments, and then go visit my blogging friends and see their first line.

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