Tuesday Top Ten - Back To School Edition

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Historical fiction is probably my favorite genre, romance is a close second. I enjoyed history in school, but as most of us, didn't retain a lot. Reading historical fiction gives me the escape to a different time and place and I learn something about the time period. A definite win/win.
I am joining Broke and the Bookish for Tuesday Top Ten, and I am highlighting books that I believe should be on a History class reading list.

 Shape of Mercy was the first book I read by Susan Meissner. Time period for this book is the Salem Witch Trials.
The Ballantyne Series is a huge favorite of mine, and the time period is Pre-Civil War.
Sarah Sundin's military books are so fun and informative. This book centers around flight nurses in WWII.
 A great story similar to Monument Men, centers around Auschwitz, WWII.
WWI, German spies on the soil of Britain is this novel's center.
Derbyshire, England during WWI is this novel's center.
 Centered in the Golden Age of the 1930's.
 The Hindenburg disaster is the center of this novel.
The colonization of Louisiana, from France is this novel's center point.
The orphan train, in 1850 New York, is the center of this novel.


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What a fun post! I've read and enjoyed many of these. Thanks for including With Every Letter.

Great minds DO think alike! :)

I *need* to read some of Sarah Sundin's books... I keep hearing about them! Kate Breslin's Not By Sight is sitting on my shelf waiting for me, too.

Ooh, Laura Frantz's series is a great one for this list! I really liked the Underground Railroad aspect of book 2. So fun!

You are welcome. I had a ball putting this list together.

Laura Frantz's books need to be required reading for history.
YES!!! You need to read Sarah Sundin's books!!

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