HEAR NO EVIL - Such a waste!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


A collection of wise, compelling, and often uproariously funny essays built around the experience of music as a transformational element in a moment of truth, Hear No Evil mines Matthew Paul Turner’s humorous memories of his evangelical youth and invites readers to groove along on his journey.

From attending forbidden contemporary Christian concerts to moving to “ Music City ” Nashville , Hear No Evil chronicles Turner’s “life soundtrack” which morphs seamlessly into the stories of people, places, and experiences that have taught the music-editor-turned-author some new things about God, forced him out of his comfort zone, and introduced him to a fresh view of grace along the way.

If you’ve ever had the opening bars of a song transport you back in time or remind you of a pivotal spiritual moment, Matthew Paul Turner’s honest—and frequently hilarious—musings will strike a chord. Straight forward and amusing, Hear No Evil is an exploration of a life of faith lived to a personal soundtrack.

MY OPINION: I am very disappointed in Waterbrook press for publishing this book and I don't recommend it! Let me say I did not read the entire book. At Mr. Turner's insistance I read the last chapter, which didn't make up for his first 5 pages, and I chose to read the chapter, Chasing Amy. Within the first 5 pages Mr. Turner makes a comparison to being gay and being a Christian saying . . and I quote "I'm pretty sure it's not a Holy Spirit thing. It could be, I guess, but I think it's more like gaydar." He also has a character named Adam who is checking his eyeliner in his cell phone. It is quite clear who he is making a reference to. Not only is that an issue his entire chapter on Chasing Amy - refering to Amy Grant is a joke! Amy Grant was, and I use the word WAS a popular Christian contemporary artist. She would not have been anyONE if it would not have been for her now ex husband Gary Chapman and Michael W. Smith. They helped her become who she was. She marries Gary and then she has an affair with Vince Gill after they recorded a Christmas song together in the early 90's, at Vince's ranch and she doesn't think she should apologize to her fans for what she did. The bothersome part for me is that Mr. Turner doesn't seem to understand that whether or not Vince and Amy had an affair there was no Biblical reason for her to divorce Gary and it seems as though he has Amy Grant on a pedestal believing that she can do no wrong. God warns us about this in His word and it seems to me that Mr. Turner is saying one thing in his book yet ignoring God's scripture.

In all good conscience I cannot recommend this book or offer it up for a giveaway.


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Wow! I think I am glad my copy got lost in the mail.

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