Team Work, Favoritism, Competition. . . . .

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

In the last year I've noticed a sad trend within the in the Christian fiction blog reviewers community and it is breaking my heart. From my position it seems as though certain bloggers are receiving preferential treatment over bloggers with more knowledge and skill. Because of the preferential treatment some have thought it their job to correct others on etiquette when promoting authors.
If that wasn't bad enough the teamwork I remember between the bloggers is pretty much non-existent, and I believe it is because of the favoritism being shown, along with certain bloggers feeling as though they have to have the most followers, page likes, ect., there also seems to be the attitude that they know more about blogging/reviewing and are closer with authors, as if this is some competition. REALLY?!?!?!?
I thought the purpose of blogging and reviewing for authors was to encourage them, as well as draw new readers to their book(s).

I miss the teamwork among the bloggers and sadly I don't know how to fix that or get it back.

When I started blogging in 2007 Facebook was up and active but not to the degree it is now, ten plus years later. MySpace was still going pretty strong, I only know that because I was on it monitoring my teenagers. 😄 I point that out to say this, Christian Fiction author's weren't just hanging around on social media, like they are today, and if they were it was most likely on an author page, not their personal page like today.

I didn't even notice a lot of them there until 2008/2009. I remember when contacting an author meant you emailed them on their author website, prayed they'd get it and they'd have time to answer.
Thanks to the interactions between early blog reviewers and authors, they learned that we can be trusted. Loads of blog reviewers, I couldn't name all of them if I tried, paved the way creating the access to Christian author's through Facebook, and other social media platforms, which led them to feel safe enough to create Street Teams to promote their upcoming releases. They saw that bloggers could be trusted, we were out to promote their work, encourage them in their writing, with no expectation . . . except maybe the next book in the series. 😇😇 What I am attempting to say, and failing horribly, is that it took teamwork to create the kind of relationship between blog reviewers and authors, that is present today.

With the teamwork between bloggers pretty much nonexistent, it feels like a dog eat dog world, out for number 1.  I am incredibly saddened that something I love to do read, encourage, and promote authors seems to have turned into climbing the ladder of success.

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