First Line Friday and Giveaway of The Illusionist's Apprentice

Friday, April 14, 2017

It's Friday!! Time for First Line Friday, and I have a giveaway as well. I have an extra copy of The Illusionist's Apprentice by Kristy Cambron. I have read this book and it is one of my favorites for 2017.

About the book:

Harry Houdini’s one-time apprentice holds fantastic secrets about the greatest illusionist in the world. But someone wants to claim them . . . or silence her before she can reveal them on her own.
Boston, 1926. Jenny “Wren” Lockhart is a bold eccentric—even for a female vaudevillian. As notorious for her inherited wealth and gentleman’s dress as she is for her unsavory upbringing in the back halls of a vaudeville theater, Wren lives in a world that challenges all manner of conventions.
In the months following Houdini’s death, Wren is drawn into a web of mystery surrounding a spiritualist by the name of Horace Stapleton, a man defamed by Houdini’s ardent debunking of fraudulent mystics in the years leading up to his death. But in a public illusion that goes terribly wrong, one man is dead and another stands charged with his murder. Though he’s known as one of her teacher’s greatest critics, Wren must decide to become the one thing she never wanted to be: Stapleton’s defender.
Forced to team up with the newly formed FBI, Wren races against time and an unknown enemy, all to prove the innocence of a hated man. In a world of illusion, of the vaudeville halls that showcase the flamboyant and the strange, Wren’s carefully constructed world threatens to collapse around her.
Layered with mystery, illusion, and the artistry of the Jazz Age’s bygone vaudeville era, The Illusionist’s Apprentice is a journey through love and loss and the underpinnings of faith on each life’s stage.
My Review

First Line:

December 31, 1926
Mount Auburn Cemetary
Cambridge, MASS.

Agent Elliot Matthews stared down a firing squad. The potential executioners held firm in their stance with camera lenses and pencils cocked, all ready to fire. 

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One of my favourite reads so far this year!!

I'm featuring Bodie & Brock Thoene's "Behold the Man" this week. Hope you have a blessed Easter!

I want to read The Illusionist's Apprentice! Happy Friday! My first line is from Noelle Marchand's "The Nanny's Temporary Triplets" : "By the power vested in me by God and the state of Texas" --- "Stop this wedding!"

I've so seen this book around!! I may have to try it one day. :)

Happy Easter -- and Good Friday, reading sisters! ;)

And THANKS for the feature, Andi. Hugs!

I'm so excited to share today. This book has gripped me.

My first line is from Candice Curry's autobiography A CON MAN'S DAUGHTER: "I could hear my name being called, but I was stuck somewhere between a dream and reality."

But the line that made me keep reading is this one, a thought Candice had as a 13-year-old: "I strained to hear God's voice in my ear but only heard Satan whisper how much he loved me."

I LOVE Kristy's stories!

My first line comes from GRACE by Max Lucado.

Some years ago I underwent a heart procedure.

Happy Resurrection Weekend!

I loved this book!! I was totally surprised by it.

Enter the giveaway!

Enter the giveaway!

Happy Easter, dear Kristy!

Wow!! That is quite a line!!

Her books are a huge favorite!

Andrea Stephens said...
April 14, 2017 at 6:25 PM

I loved that book!

I love the play on words.
I shared the first line from "A Hope Unseen" over on my blog, but I thought I'd share with you the first line from what I'm reading right now: "Lia Promise stared at the man across the table from her." It's from "An Informal Affair" by Heather Gray and is one of the stories in the Love At First Laugh collection which I have been reading my way through between novels this month.

I loved Hope Unseen. I haven't finished all the stories in that collection. I'm really bad about novella collections, I'll usually read the one by my favorite author and forget the others.

Happy Resurrection Weekend!!

I am anxious for her Castle series. Happy Resurrection Weekend!!

Great story!! It's on my favorites shelf!

Very interesting!

It's a very good book. I hope you entered the giveaway for it.

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