Beauty and the Beast -- My Take

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Today I drug my husband to see Disney's live version of Beauty and the Beast. As a mom of three daughters I have seen the animated versions of Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and The Little Mermaid countless times. I still know all the words to all the songs. Beauty and the Beast is my daughter Kassandra's favorite movie, and I was sad that I didn't get to see it with her.
I am on emotional and visual overload. There are literally no adequate words to express all that I am feeling at the moment. The music was amazing and Emma Watson is a perfect Belle, her voice is great and all of her mannerisms fit the part perfectly. And Dan Stevens who plays the Beast is swoon worthy and I needed a fainting couch at the final scene.

I mean ladies, you know what I mean, huh?!?

Besides the great cast and music, the costuming was beyond amazing and the cinematography was breathtaking.
Some of the fighting scenes were a little intense and may frighten a smaller child. My six year old granddaughter saw it and her mom told me she did fine but her friend was more scared.

I'm sure you're wondering what my take is on the "questionable" scene that had "Christians" up in arms all over the internet before this movie's release. Let me put your mind at ease, there is nothing to concern yourself about. Lefou singing and dancing in the bar scene is completely harmless. There is no kiss, or even anything close to a same sex relationship. If you are a fan of Beauty and the Beast go and see this movie, and be prepared to sing, smile and even cry.

My rating for this movie is "Mmm. You smell like apples."


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He he #smellslikeapples! Love this Andi!

Lol, Rachel! I love your rating system and want to do something similar. Smells like apples is my favorite quote from Pepper's Just the Way You Are.

I really want to see this. Thanks for your take on it.

You are welcome. Go and enjoy it. I will probably go see it again and sit away from kids. I had one kicking the back of my seat the whole time.

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