Des in Madeira, Portugal . . .

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

She arrives with the guys on an antique ship and it’s beautiful. Before they have even docked Michael has said he has to get a one on one before the hometown dates, Chris wants the same thing. She has upped the anti, there will be 3 one on one dates and one two on one dates. Jake mini me says if this doesn’t set the scene for love, nothing will. Really?!?!?

Des is concerned about the guys she has left so she invites a few friends from last season to help with the guys she has left. She invites Catherine? I was looking at the TV thinking you have to be crazy.
As soon as Des gets down to pool side where the girls and they scream like girls do when they get together. Questions about Sean and Catherine are asked and Catherine said that Sean told her to give Des good advice. The guys start heading to their pool below and the girls use the binoculars to look at them.
In spying on the guys they are asking Des who is who, Brooks is the only one not shirtless and they tell him to take off his shirt. They talk about the guys’ athleticism. The next questions are of such a childish nature, who is the best kisser – Drew, most athletic – Chris, best body – Drew, best eyes – Brooks. Most adventurous goes to Naked Texas dude.

Brooks and Des go on a one on one date; he knows that they have a great connection. Des arrives in a smart car, to take him on this date. They drive up on this mountain, and they are in the clouds, it is breathtaking. They arrive on the top of a cliff, and with the clouds all around they talk about where their relationship is. Brooks tells Des that he feels their relationship is so comfortable in that he doesn’t have to know when to grab her hand or put his hand on her leg while driving, it is just natural. They scream, I’m on cloud 9.  At dinner they talk about the hometown dates and he wants her to meet his family and she feels good about that. They continue to talk about adjectives that are between like and love. Des says, stepping, skipping, running, and the finish line. Finish line would mean that’s love. He asks where she is and she says going into a run.
They have a personal fireworks show. And Des says when I kiss Brooks I feel fireworks, AURGH! So cheesy!

Date card arrives and Chris gets the next one on one. Prior to leaving Chris says he wants to take her home to meet his folks and as they leave the guys are watching from their villa, and say good-bye. Brooks says good he’s not holding her hand, and then they do and a comment is made “I’ll break those fingers.” by Michael.
Chris and Des walk down to the pier on to a yacht to go out on the ocean. He is jazzed to have time alone with her, no interruptions. They have a picnic on the cliffs, and write a poem to put in a bottle. I thought it was very romantic. They walk through the city streets to their dinner location and I’m starting to get bored!
Chris asks her about what kind of family she wants, and she says she is from a tight nit family so she wants 3 or 4 kids, he says he had a brother, and two sisters and he wants kids to be close. He wants to tell her that he loves her, and he is nervous, fidgety, and sweating.  She tells him not to be nervous and reads her a poem. UGH! He tells her that he loves her. In the park, they are kissing and Chris is saying he has found the one. Maybe for him.

Back to the villa, date card, Michael gets the last one on one.  They are going to explore the city together. They walk to a bench, and surprising there is wine, over looking a water fall. Des has told Brooks, Chris, and now Michael that she loves what they say. Really? They go down this hill in a toboggan. Michael prattles on about a devastating break up, and that he is feeling those feelings again. He does say he doesn’t want to be known for being a great prosecutor he wants to be known for more. They go for a walk and there is a singer by a fountain that is awful!

The group date card has arrived and says “I’m looking for a man that can make my heart race.”
I am getting super bored.

This has to be the worst episode ever! I am not sure why it is so boring, but it is. It is like watching paint dry.

Zak and Drew are talking with the other guys about how excited they are for this date, and they both want the rose.
Zak is so ridiculous, saying that their in some pretty quick machines, and the track looks like a formula one track. UGH! Be quiet! It’s a track for go-carts not race cars, you dork!

Zak and Drew are going to go at it. Please let Zak loose so he will go home! I can’t take any more of him!
Zak wins . . . so not thrilled! Can we please just get to the rose ceremony.
At the picnic, Des says she feels like that she is with two guy friends who she is romantically involved with. She takes Zak off to talk and he has drawings to give her. Des’ favorite phrase is “I love that.”
Drew and Des go off to talk, we hear him saying that this has been a long week, and he tells her that his family would fall in love with her. He tells her about his handicapped sister, and how excited she gets when they come to pick her up, and he asks Des if she would go with him to pick her up, and she says of course I would.
He tells her he is falling in love with her and he has never had these feelings before.
Zak is so egotistical he honestly believes he is going to get the rose, and SCORE he doesn’t!!! Adios naked Texas dude!!!!

Chris comes in to talk to her before the ceremony. Des’ dress is gorgeous, love the open back.
She says she doesn’t want to break anyone’s heart; it’s not about the quality it’s about the relationship. UH, don’t the two go hand in hand. He asks her about the guys, “What is it about Drew?” He is the best looking guy she answers, and he is so sincere in everything he does.  He asks if he is husband material for you, and she says YES.  Chris says he wants to see her face when he says Brooks, and she smiles, and giggles. She goes on to say she is 100% herself with him and she feels like he can be with her. She told him about the adjectives and used Finish Line. Even with saying what she said about Brooks, she is still keeping an open mind. She is even falling in love with Chris.

Rose Ceremony

Drew has a rose from the two on one date.
Brooks – he is my favorite!!!!
Zak . . . UGH!!! I thought naked Texan would be gone. So uncool!

She walks Michael out. She tells him she thinks the world of him, blah, blah, blah.
He gets in the limo and he says he is tired of being hurt by women he is falling in love with.
He calls his mom, to tell her she wouldn’t be meeting Des, she sent him home.

Hometown dates next week. I am so hoping it is not a bore fest like this one.
Her brother is back! Really! He was a jerk with her hometown date with Sean. I wouldn’t trust him period!


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