Amity and Sorrow: A Novel

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

About :

A mother and her daughters drive for days without sleep until they crash their car in rural Oklahoma. The mother, Amaranth, is desperate to get away from someone she's convinced will follow them wherever they go--her husband. The girls, Amity and Sorrow, can't imagine what the world holds outside their father's polygamous compound. Rescue comes in the unlikely form of Bradley, a farmer grieving the loss of his wife. At first unwelcoming to these strange, prayerful women, Bradley's abiding tolerance gets the best of him, and they become a new kind of family. An unforgettable story of belief and redemption, AMITY & SORROW is about the influence of community and learning to stand on your own.

My Thoughts:

NetGalley invited me to read and review this book. The cover caught my attention and the storyline intrigued me. 
I have read a few books on the polygamist lifestyle and I have a lot of props for women who gather their kids and leave.
In this book Amaranth is the first wife of fifty, YES of fifty. She takes her two daughters, Amity and Sorrow and leave the compound where they have been living. She drives for days, which I found interesting in itself because she most likely would not have driven any where. Which is most likely why there is an accident.

Amity and Sorrow are bound together in the back of the car by cloth strips. These two girls are bound not only physically, they are bound emotionally, and spiritually too. 
They can't read, know nothing of the outside world and are bound to the rules and guidelines from their father's cult.

This is a very intense read, one that will leave you thinking long after you turn the last page.
A great debut by Peggy Riley.


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