The Bachelorette with Des Week 3

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The previews of tonight’s show begin and we see Jake’s mini – me kissing Des. Mikey still doesn’t trust Ben . . no surprise there. An ambulance arrives someone gets badly injured playing
Dodge Ball.  Then Chris Harrison enters with the OTHER WOMAN, and the guys are staring on worse than teen boys watching a cat fight!

The show starts . . . enter Chris Harrison . . .he explains to the guys that this week there will be two group dates and 1 one on one and of course you want that one on one for obvious reasons.

Mikey grabs the date card that Chris leaves . . I don’t know who appointed him the head cheese but he sure seems to think he’s in charge.

The Group Date is:
Drew – Jake’s mini me
Brooks – he is totally my favorite. Maybe it’s because he reminds me of my brother.
He then reads off his name and says some stud named Mikey  . . . time to barf now!
Zak K.
And their favorite person in the whole wide world Ben.

The date card reads . . . Love Is A Battle Field.

The guys arrive and see Des and she just cracks me up! She keeps going on about how UH-MAZING these guys are . . . really?!? Are you paying attention?
Mikey thinks he is Mr. Studmuffin, and I’d throw him to the curb in a heartbeat just because he’s so full of himself.

She opens a garage door and there are a group of men dressed in Dodge Ball uniforms. They are going to learn how to play Dodge Ball . . . not what we learned in Elementary School folks . . this is the real deal, and Des says she wants to see them in their element. After the guys have been pummeled by the professionals, Chris Harrison walks in and lets the guys know it’s time for them to battle each other.  Oh Boy! Here we go! & the Winner takes all! 
Red team- Mikey, Michael, Brooks, and Brandon.  Blue team – Brad, Zak, Ben, and Drew.
He has uniforms, and they are going to play in public. I see trouble!

Each team has won, one game a piece and their going for the balls for the third and final game and Brooks goes down. Brooks finger got totally damaged, and he is out of the game.
The red team looses . . . but Des takes everyone to the after party.  She’s not happy that Brooks isn’t there.

At the after party, Des is worried about Brooks, and with good reason, while setting his finger he passed out.  Good thing he’s a guy, he’d never handle labor and delivery.
Des pulls Brad aside to talk to him.  Oh wonder bar . . . another DAD! Brad has a 3 year old son. The guys are gonna love this one. Brad has been raising his son on his own, his mom and brother help him out.  He tells his sob story.  GEEZ! These guys are worse than girls sometimes!

Chris takes her to the roof, she is surprised and loves it.

Brooks returns! YAY! He and Des have such chemistry.

Chris gets the rose.  Not excited!  He and Des head to a private concert with Kate Earl.

The one on one date card arrives and . . .
It’s for Kasey and it reads Love Defies Gravity.

James is acting like a 2 year old who didn’t get a cookie  . . . seriously!

We’re back at the ranch, and Des is journaling, going on about loving the entire group of guys, and how UH-MAZING they are, and she’s hopeful her future husband is there. And she’d be lucky to have any one of them.  HMM really?!?!

Then Chris Harrison calls her, just checking in and tells her he has bizarre news about one of her guys. He tells her that she needs to handle this, and she heads to the house where the guys are.
Poor Kasey! He’s got the 1 on 1 date, and she has to deal with the problem child.
She’s not in the house very long, she tells Kasey that before they can get to their date she wants to talk to Brian.
Didn’t see that coming at all!
Des is quizzing the guy . . and in walks Chris with a woman . . . RUT ROH SCOOBY DOO!!!
Brian is telling Des their just friends, not in a relationship . . . really well what does she think and why don’t you face her because guess what you lying snake she’s here!
Gotta love cheaters . . their faces are priceless when their caught!

Well according to Stephanie, they are a couple, according to Brian he broke it off with her before he left for the show, according to Des he’s gone!
As he leaves through the house the guys are silent. Then they start talking.
Des and Chris talk to the guys and she says if you have any thing to hide tell me now. No one says anything; Kasey and Des leave for their date.

Brandon, is in the kitchen going on about how men came into his life as father figures and just left. So, knowing that Brian left a single mom at home with a child that adored him upsets him to tears. This show should be called the Crying Game . . . not the Bachelorette.

Kasey and Des are on Sunset Blvd. just walking down the street when they see people dancing on the side of a building, called Vanda looping.
Des tells him that that is what they are going to be doing.
Vanda looping takes all the ab muscles you have. They get on top of the building they were just dancing on and the Santa Ana winds pick up so they jump in the pool.
Kasey kisses her in the pool. Des is feeling horrible because the entire day has been off since Brian’s girlfriend Stephanie showed up. She gives Kasey the rose.

Group date # 2 . . .

A stagecoach with four horses, our naked bachelor has clothes and thinks he’s gone home to Texas.
They get to where the date is happening . . . and someone comes up behind her and she throws him off the balcony, and they are going to put them through a Cowboy boot camp.
They are learning how to lasso, draw their pistols and fight for justice.
These wannabees are going to saddle up on a horse and save Des . . . 
Cowboy boot camp is a part of the new Disney film The Lone Ranger.
Juan Pablo was hilarious! I was glad he got the Ranger Badge and the time with Des.
They get a private screening of The Lone Ranger; she said he was a good and a bad movie date because he was so distracting.
Campfire back at the ranch and the guys are of course looking at the rose and hoping they get it. Brydon is the first one she pulls away, they go and sit on a tree. She says that he doesn’t not know how to make the moves, just when to make them.
Zak is too over confident that after their one on one, he is a shoe in to get the rose.
James and another sob story; sorry about your dad dude, go home if you can’t hack it. Because, James was so concerned about if there was a spark, a reason to keep him, she gave him the rose.

Chris shows up and says that there will not be a rose ceremony, but a relaxing pool party. Ben grabs Des and they go for a drive. When they come back Mikey and Michael are the two that see them coming back and Mikey sees red, nothing new.
Mikey seems to think he is the police officer of who gets to see and be with Des. I am so over him.
Brandon tells her about his mom, and how Brian’s actions upset him, and he wants her to know that he is there for her, and would always protect her. He says he has a secret and steals a kiss.

The roses . . .

Brydon – rose

Juan Pablo – rose . . she asks him in Spanish

Zak W – rose

Brooks – rose . . . no brainer!

Drew, Jake’s mini-me – rose

Zak K – rose

Brad – rose

Michael G – rose

Ben’s name has not been called and he is like a long tailed cat in a room of rocking chairs! His expressions are priceless!

Mikey – rose – barf!

Final rose . . . Ben.

No rose . . .

Dan and Brandon.

Brandon is upset, and she tells him that he is an incredible person he’s just not for her.

Didn’t see much of Dan, so I have no take on him.

Des and Brandon go outside to talk. Brandon doesn’t get that there is no chemistry on her side. Uh- we’ve been there ladies . . they made a movie called She’s Just Not That In To You. Brandon, I think you need to watch it!  Oh Em Gee, Brandon, no one left you dude! She is letting you go before you get in any deeper. Seriously!

Next week they go to Atlantic City. She says she wants a love that can light the darkness.
Again, the guys are focusing on Ben and not Des.


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