Ali week 6, & Jake & Vienna

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

FRANK is really making me mad!!!!!!!!! He has no intention of staying the course and yet he is going to lead her on until they get to Tahiti. I knew girls played games, I am just so incredibly SHOCKED that a man does.

And this Cutie, gave her this bracelet that was just to die for. I think it's going to be more popular than any of the bachelors, or bachelorettes!
is that gorgeous or WHAT?!?!!!!!!

Ali was starting to have some real chemistry with Ty and I think she is going to be sorry she let him go. He is a really great guy, and knowing what Frank is going to do I really think she's going to wish she didn't let him go.

If you've followed my blog you know that during Jake's season I was not a Vienna FAN AT ALL!!!!! Well after last night's episode Vienna has my full support! YES, she lied about their sex life, Jake had made it perfectly clear that he would not sleep with anyone until he was married, that is why he liked Tennly and Ali. Although, I have no idea why given his statement they were in the same bed. GAH! However, he is nothing but a controling, egotistical JERK! And that is putting it nicely! I really hope for Vienna's sake she can get some closure and move on.


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I completely agree with you about Jake and Vienna. The whole season, I hated Vienna and couldn't imagine what Jake saw in her. And I LOVED Jake. But after this episode, I feel so bad for Vienna and think taht Jake is just a jerk, plain and simple!

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