Looking for a Novella? No Problem, I've Got Some Great Ones For Your Growing TBR

Monday, July 16, 2018

I love when authors start a new series with a sneak peek novella. It makes the wait for entire book a little less painful. Today's Top Ten Tuesday is favorite novellas or short stories. I'm going to give you a sampling of a few of my favorites.

Susan May Warren

Finding Love in Seaside - Angela Ruth Strong 







Timeless Love Collection

Tosca Lee

These are just a short list of some of my favorite novellas. Hope you find something fun to add to your growing TBR pile.

Are any of yours on my list? Let me know your favorites in the comments.

Dangerous to Know by Megan Whitson Lee

Sunday, July 15, 2018

About the book:

“Don’t look at him, dear. He’s dangerous.” 
Isabella Bankmill seeks a husband whose character matches her list of requirements. The man must share her faith, but he must also possess a certain je ne sais quoi. The enigmatical Lord Gregory Gordon Bromby—London’s newest literary sensation—certainly possesses the latter. Despite a deformed foot and alarming views on politics and religion, he attracts the ladies in droves.

Haunted by his past and overwhelmed by his newfound celebrity status, Lord Bromby’s obsession with his own doom leads to reckless behavior. When he is stalked by an obsessive aristocrat seeking an elopement, Bromby’s friends urge him to marry a suitable lady as soon as possible. Intrigued by Isabella’s convictions and hoping to avoid further scandal, Bromby proposes to Isabella.

Isabella also receives an offer of marriage from kind-hearted philanthropist, David Beringer—a man equally devoted to his faith—but she only has eyes for Lord Bromby. Blinded by his talent and good looks, Isabella convinces herself that he’s not as dangerous as everyone claims. But when Bromby’s world violently collides with hers, Isabella must decide once and for all who is lord of her life. God or Bromby?

About the author:
Megan Whitson Lee is an anglophile and a recovering runaway. Over the years, she escaped to England and Australia before finally settling down in the US. These days, she lives a relatively quiet life as a wife, a mom of two greyhounds, an editor for Pelican Book Group, and a high school English teacher. She now escapes by writing novels instead of jumping on planes to foreign countries. Her novel, Captives, won the 2016 Director's Choice Award and was a finalist for a Selah Award in the women's contemporary fiction category at Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference.
Megan writes women's contemporary thrillers and historical fiction featuring characters standing at the crossroads of major life decisions.


My Thoughts:

This is the first book I've read of Megan Whitson Lee's and I found it to be somewhat dark and haunting tale. The book is based on the true story of Lord George Gordon Byron. 

While I enjoyed the story I did find it slow and hard to follow at times. 

Isabella is like most women in the regency period who is looking for a husband. However, unlike most women of her time having a husband who is also a believer is top on her list.

Ms. Lee does a nice job of showing the inspirational thread without being overbearing. I am a huge Historical Romance fan and so for me I am the target audience. I just wish the pacing would have been better.

My Bottom Line:

This is a great historical romantic fiction. It has intrigue, romance, and a spiritual thread that are woven nicely together. The pacing is a little slower than I would prefer. Over all this was a nice regency read. Much like Wuthering Heights.

 Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher through Read With Audra. I was not required to write a review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Sons of Blackbird Mountain by Joanne Bischof Review and Giveaway

Friday, July 13, 2018

This is my new rating quote meme. This has to be my favorite quote in Joanne Bischof's new book.
Sons of Blackbird Mountain deserves TEN Stars so this quote meme is for books that I think deserve TEN STARS! You can read about my rating system here. Image found on Pinterest

                            About the Book

Title: Sons of Blackbird Mountain  
Author: Joanne Bischof  
Genre: Historical Romance

After the tragic death of her husband, Aven Norgaard is beckoned to give up her life in Norway to become a housekeeper in the rugged hills of Nineteenth-Century Appalachia. Upon arrival, she finds herself in the home of her late husband’s cousins—three brothers who make a living by brewing hard cider on their three-hundred acre farm. Yet even as a stranger in a foreign land, Aven has hope to build a new life in this tight-knit family. But her unassuming beauty disrupts the bond between the brothers. The youngest two both desire her hand, and Aven is caught in the middle, unsure where—and whether—to offer her affection. While Haakon is bold and passionate, it is Thor who casts the greatest spell upon her. Though Deaf, mute, and dependent on hard drink to cope with his silent pain, Thor possesses a sobering strength. As autumn ushers in the apple harvest, the rift between Thor and Haakon deepens and Aven faces a choice that risks hearts. Will two brothers’ longing for her quiet spirit tear apart a family? Can she find a tender belonging in this remote, rugged, and unfamiliar world? A haunting tale of struggle and redemption, Sons of Blackbird Mountain is a portrait of grace in a world where the broken may find new life through the healing mercy of love.

Click here to get your copy.

About the Author

JOANNE BISCHOF is an ACFW Carol Award and ECPA Christy Award-winning author. She writes deeply layered fiction that tugs at the heartstrings. She was honored to receive the San Diego Christian Writers Guild Novel of the Year Award in 2014 and in 2015 was named Author of the Year by the Mount Hermon conference. Joanne’s 2016 novel, The Lady and the Lionheart, received an extraordinary 5 Star TOP PICK! from RT Book Reviews, among other critical acclaim. She lives in the mountains of Southern California with her three children. Visit her online at JoanneBischof.com, Facebook: Author, JoanneBischof, Instagram: @JoanneBischof.

Guest Video from Joanne Bischof


My Thoughts:

 I finished Sons of Blackbird Mountain on Wednesday and my review is due today, which doesn’t give me much time to process the amazingness of this book, but I’m going to do my best.

I adored The Lady and the Lionheart and I never thought I’d love a hero more than Charlie Lionheart well, Thor has captured my heart. Thor is a complex character. He’s deaf, and he’s an alcoholic. One of these issues on their own is difficult enough but writing a character with both seems nearly impossible, but Joanne Bischof does it with ease and beauty.

Ms. Bischof tackles the issue of alcoholism head on. She doesn’t shy away from the truth nor does she show it in an acceptable light. My ex-husband is an alcoholic. I watched him as he went through rehab return to smoking after he’d quit. Her portrayal was on target.

All of the characters were complex, loveable, tormented, and in need of grace which are my kind of characters because they are real, and I can identify with them. The conflict within the story is sometimes circumstances of the time and the character’s own creation. Within the conflict Ms. Bischof weaves the hope of redemption and grace which is done beautifully.

My Bottom Line:

Like a ball of yarn this book unraveled me from the beginning. As I turned each page I was pulled into the story like a bee drawn to honey. The setting was beautiful, the characters unforgettable, and the redemption of God perfectly shown. The story’s pacing was just right. The romance, oh, the romance . . . was swoony, sweet, and memorable. I can’t recommend this book enough. It is a must read for every historical romance fiction lover!  I know I'm gushing but it is so hard not to. This book is absolutely beautiful, and memorable! 


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To celebrate her tour, Joanne is giving away
Grand prize of a country crate, a jar of apple butter, a bag of gummy berries, journal, bath salts, honey spoons, copper earrings, and a blackbird sign!!
Click below to enter. https://promosimple.com/ps/d140/sons-of-blackbird-mountain-celebration-tour-giveaway

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher as part of a street team. I was not required to write a review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Are You Serious? Only Ten Best Books of 2018?

Monday, July 9, 2018

Today's Top Ten Tuesday's topic is best books read in 2018 so far. My count for the year isn't that high, but out of the 50 I've read I'm supposed to narrow it down to just ten. Ten is clearly to low of a number for this blogger, so I give you TWELVE of my favorite reads of 2018.

I haven't finished Sons of Blackbird Mountain by Joanne Bischof yet but I can already tell it's going to end up on my top reads for the year.

Covers will take you to my review or the authors website.

The Road to Paradise by Karen Barnett - Reviewed

Friday, July 6, 2018

About the book:

Title: The Road to Paradise
Author: Karen Barnett
Publisher: Waterbrook Press

In 1927, Margie Lane, an avid naturalist, convinces her Senator father to procure her a position at the fledgling Mount Rainier National Park. Since Ranger Ford Brannon lost his father in a climbing accident, he doubts his ability to protect the park and its many visitors. He certainly doesn't relish the job of watching over an idealistic and privileged young woman with no practical survival skills.
When Margie's former fiance sets his mind on developing the Paradise Inn and its surroundings into a tourist playground, Margie and Ford will have to work together to preserve the beauty and simplicity of this mountain hideaway, but the developer's plans might put more than just the park in danger."

Amazon || Barnes and Noble || ChristianBooks ||

About Karen Barnett:

Fueled by a passion for research and learning, and a secret desire to travel in time, author Karen Barnett creates historical romances that draw readers deep into a story. She’s fascinated that even though human history is constantly changing, Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8). The point where those two facts collide forms the basis for her writing–finding those moments when an ordinary person brushes up against the eternal.

A graduate of Valparaiso University and Oregon State University, Barnett’s debut novel, Mistaken, was released in 2013 and earned her the Oregon Christian Writers “Writer of Promise” award and a Cascade Award for best historical fiction. She also won the coveted “Writer of the Year” title from the prestigious Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference in 2016.

Karen spent several years working in outdoor education as a park ranger and naturalist for Mount Rainier National Park and Oregon’s Silver Falls State Park before becoming a stay-at-home mom and professional writer. She spends her free time hiking, taking photographs, dragging her kids through dusty history museums, and decorating crazy birthday cakes.
Karen lives in western Oregon with her husband, two teenagers, and three mischievous dachshunds.
To connect with Karen follow her on Facebook (KarenBarnettAuthor) and Twitter (KarenMBarnett).
She also enjoys public speaking and has addressed women’s groups, church organizations, book clubs, libraries, and writing conferences. Check out her speaking page if you are interested in learning more.

My Thoughts:

First, I'm a beach girl. I grew up and lived as an adult in mainly coastal states. Even when I lived in Colorado for a few short years I didn't spend nearly as much time in the mountains as I did at the beach. With that said, Ms. Barnett's book The Road to Paradise transported me to the serene beauty of Mount Rainier, a place to my knowledge I've never been before, and I now want to go. Her word pictures completely immersed me into the beauty and sounds of God's creation.

Margie was a hoot! She's grown up in polite society, determined to break away from the stereotype of a delicate woman she used her father's connections she gets a job working with the forest rangers. She does not shy away from anything even a rat who decides to take up residence in her cabin.

Ford was a hero who clearly did not want a woman invading his mountain, yet he learned that Margie wasn't a push over and that she would pull her own weight. While they might have disagreed here and there, they unite quickly on keeping a ski lodge out of the mountain.

My Bottom Line:

This was a beautifully written book filled with sights and sounds of Mount Rainier. Karen Barnett wove scripture in an out of the story creating a visual experience of God's creation. There is a sweet budding romance that both Margie and Ford attempt to avoid. Carmichael's determination for said ski lodge keeps the plot hopping and the reader riveted. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and am anxious to read the second.

A Few Good Men - Happy Fourth of July

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy Fourth of July!!!

Besides fireworks, hot dogs, and apple pie, what's better than a few good looking men in uniform? I can't think of anything. And even better is books with handsome men in uniform.

 Candace Calvert

Candace Calvert's book Maybe It's You is up for a Carol Award from ACFW, which is super exciting!
 Ronie Kendig

Ronie Kendig seems to love men in uniform because most of her work is based around the military which is fine for me.

Sarah Sundin

Sarah Sundin is another who loves men in uniform. Being a Navy brat I was so excited when she came out with a Navy series.

Each of these authors have other series featuring men in uniform, whether first responder or military. Please go to their website and see their other books featuring swoony men in uniform.

What books do you love that features swoony men in uniform?

I hope you and your family have a wonderful 4th of July!!!

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