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All Manner of Things by Susie Finkbeiner - Reviewed

About the book:

Title: All Manner of Things
Author: Susie Finkbeiner
Publisher: Revell

When Annie Jacobson's brother Mike enlists as a medic in the Army in 1967, he hands her a piece of paper with the address of their long-estranged father. If anything should happen to him in Vietnam, Mike says, Annie must let their father know.

In Mike's absence, their father returns to face tragedy at home, adding an extra measure of complication to an already tense time. As they work toward healing and pray fervently for Mike's safety overseas, letter by letter the Jacobsons must find a way to pull together as a family, regardless of past hurts. In the tumult of this time, Annie and her family grapple with the tension of holding both hope and grief in the same hand, even as they learn to turn to the One who binds the wounds of the brokenhearted.

Author Susie Finkbeiner invites you into the Jacobson family's home and hearts during a time in which the chaos of the outside world touched their small community in ways they never imagined.

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About Susie Finkbeiner:

Susie Finkbeiner is a novelist from West Michigan. She is the award winning, bestselling author of The Pearl Spence Series (Kregel).
Her newest novel All Manner of Things will release in June, 2019 with Revell.
She is also the author of My Mother’s Chamomile (WhiteFire, 2014) and Paint Chips (WhiteFire, 2013).
Susie is a wife, mother of three, and avid reader. She enjoys time with her family, coffee dates with her good friends, and quiet moments to read and write.

My Thoughts:

This book is one of those books that will stick with you long, and I mean long after you turn the last page. I finished this book at 1 am this morning and I am still attempting to process all that I've read.

The story is narrated by Annie an 18 year old girl. Her narration reminded me a lot of Scout in To Kill A Mockingbird. The tense and tone were similar and heartfelt. Annie noticed everything and tells us everything. Reading this book was like reading Annie's personal journal. The handwritten letters inserted between chapters gives it that aura.

Families are complicated. War is horrific. We don't seem to talk about the families left behind and the horror they go through wondering, waiting, and being scared out of their minds with every newscast or black vehicle that travels down the street. We also don't like talking about our complicated family, it's something to be afraid of. Ms. Finkbeiner is neither afraid nor embarrassed to cut straight to the heart of both of these issues. Which she does well!

The three Jacobson children, Mike, Annie, and Joel go through things in their young lives that most don't experience in adulthood. And while we see a lot of their life experiences played out before us today we, at least I didn't, think some of those things happened in the sixties. 

There is a hint of romance but this is not a romance by any stretch. It is a story of endurance and withstanding the outside forces. 

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this book. I will tell you to have a box of Kleenex close by because you are going to need it! I am glad my husband was out of town last night because he would've thought something was seriously wrong with all my crying. Please don't let the "crying" deter you from reading it. This is a definite must read!!

Disclaimer: I was gifted a copy of this book by the author. I was not required to write a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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