Looking for a Novella? No Problem, I've Got Some Great Ones For Your Growing TBR

Monday, July 16, 2018

I love when authors start a new series with a sneak peek novella. It makes the wait for entire book a little less painful. Today's Top Ten Tuesday is favorite novellas or short stories. I'm going to give you a sampling of a few of my favorites.

Susan May Warren

Finding Love in Seaside - Angela Ruth Strong 







Timeless Love Collection

Tosca Lee

These are just a short list of some of my favorite novellas. Hope you find something fun to add to your growing TBR pile.

Are any of yours on my list? Let me know your favorites in the comments.


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ANDI!! LOVE this post because although I am not particularly a novella-type of girl, I do love to get a quick glimpse at an upcoming series, so these suggestions are perfect!

And, BLESS YOU, my sweet friend, for including two of mine as well -- SO appreciate you!!


Another thing we have in common, Julie! I’m not a huge fan of novellas but I love when they start a series or in between to give more insight on the backstory and or characters.

I appreciate you so much!
Hugs and more hugs!

Love seeing Becky's on this list. Of course, hers is one of my MOST favorites. :)

Hi Rissi! Becky’s is a huge favorite! I have loved all of her books!

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