Top Ten Tuesday - Favorite Troublemakers

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

This week's Top Ten Tuesday topic is characters I loved that were in Non favored/disliked books. Fair to say but if I didn't like the book then I probably didn't like any of the characters. Plus, I can't think of one book that I didn't care for but loved the character. So, I'm going rogue this week and posting my favorite troublemakers. I was going to do villains but most of the books I read have a character or two that just cause trouble.
You'll probably recognize some of these characters as the books have been featured on my blog over the years.

Tuck the father from A Woman of Fortune. . . he makes a mess of things causing a nightmare for his family to clean up.

Tara from Deliver Us From Darkness

Aunt Andra from Love's Fortune . . . she's not very nice to Wren which made me want to sock her!

Ben . . . from Unfailing Love (Isle of Hope #1) . . . Lacey's surgeon father who kicked her out years ago and is still kind of a putz when Lacey returns.

Stella from Love Arrives in Pieces . . . while she's the heroine she sort of gets in her own way.

Captain Luke Whitfield from Mist of Midnight . . . even though he's the hero, the heroine finds him in her family's home which he's claimed as his. Might make romance a little hard.

Sweetness from Fetching Sweetness . . . A lovable dog is the troublemaker in this cute canine book, and she gives the heroine a run for her money, literally.

Prince Nikola from Firstborn  . . . He's determined to kill the heroine over a secret she now remembers.

Charity from A Passion Denied . . . you knew one of the O'Connor girls would be apart of this list, huh?! Charity is a troublemaker with a capital T!

Jack from A Hope Undaunted . . . Katie's boyfriend who is determined to "encourage" her to do things that get her in trouble with her father, Patrick.

And there you have it! My favorite troublemakers! Looking at your current read or the one you just finished who's the troublemaker? Let me know in the comments!


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I must read Love's Fortune. As the mother of an Andra, I must read a book with an ornery Aunt Andra. Mine is rather sweet and tenderhearted. :D

Aww! I’m sure she is, you’re her mama. It’s a great book!

Aunt Andra! yes!

When I read my review I remembered what a brat she was.

ANDI!!! THREE of my troublemakers made your list??? YIKES!! I must be a real brat, then, because everybody knows the characters are the author's alter egos, right??

I have to be honest, though, I absolutely LOVED both Ben and Charity, so maybe I'm partial to troublemakers because I AM one??? I'll never tell! ;)

Thank you SOOO much for including my troublemakers. You can keep Jack, and I'll take the other two ... ;)


JULIE!!! Hi there!!! You are too funny! You are far from a brat. You do write great troublemakers so, I’m going to say that you’re very intune to what makes a Troublemaker! Charity is my favorite along with Katydid mainly because I was a brat as a kid and I can definitely still be one today. Just ask Mark! 😂

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