Top Ten Tuesday . . . Books That Surprised Me

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday's topic is books that surprised you. Shiloh is in bed so she is not seeing me use a picture of a surprised cat as my graphic this week. If you don't know who Shiloh is she is our rescue long haired Chihuahua, and she does not like cats at all.

I could only come up with five titles that surprised me, and I went back to 2007 when I started reviewing, and these were the only ones I could find. I'll put the review link beside each cover.

 One, this book surprised me because I am not a SCI-FI/ Fantasy fan and I absolutely loved this book! I read it with a group on Facebook that author Mary Weber ran.


Two, I again stepped out of my comfort zone and read a book with a SCI/FI - Fantasy feel. What surprised me about this book was that it is written by a teenager, and she writes and expresses herself like a very wise adult.


Three, this book had a Muslim hero, and a Christian heroine and I was surprised by how authentically the author wrote the story.


Four, I don't know why I was surprised by this book at all. Mr. Rubart's books are each different in their own merit, but after I finished this book early yesterday morning, I had not only been transported out of reality, I had received a great lesson.


Five, I've been a huge fan of Brandilyn Collins since I started reviewing. This book surprised me because it was so laugh out loud funny. Ms. Collins is known for her thrill ride suspense and this book was completely different.


What books surprised you? Let me know in the comments. Are any of yours on my list?


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oooo i will have to check out that book by Brandilyn! I love her thrillers. Side note: She grew up in the town where I went to college (teensy-tiny Kentucky town) which, incidentally, is also the same college Laurie Alice Eakes graduated from. That is your free fact (or two) of the day haha!

You’ll love it! It’s so different from her thrillers. She lives in Coure De Laine (sp) which is just 9 hours from us. I’ve never been so Mark and I are hoping to go this summer.

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