My Favorite Contemporary Reads of 2017

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Contemporary fiction is, in my opinion, the closest we get to real life and present day. The books I chose for this category while fictional, the plot and characters deal with real life issues. Some that you and I deal with daily. I love how these authors take humanness, intertwine God's precepts, and write a story that we can not only relate to, but learn from. Each one of these books are full of humanness, God's precepts, and teachable moments.

My Reviews:

His Steadfast Love


Just Look Up

Then Came You

Looking Glass Lies

The Writing Desk

True to You

A Fragile Hope

Life After

I hope you found some new books, or remember some sweet hours of escape between the pages of a book(s) in my list.


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yes! Totally agree with your picks! :D

I kinda thought you’d like them. ;)

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