Debut or New to Me Authors - Favorite Reads of 2017

Saturday, December 30, 2017

I tried to expand my reading horizons this year, and read new authors whether debut or ones I haven't read before. Some were great others not so much. I was surprised to have quite a few make my top reads for 2017.

My Reviews: 

The Ester Paradigm

The Outlaw's Second Chance

The Engagement Plot

Dragon Seed

Christmas Embers

A Season to Dance

If you've been following my top reads posts this week you've probably already seen these in another list. That's the hard part about choosing a favorite read for the year when you read so many books it's like choosing a favorite child. With that said, for the first time in eleven years of blogging I actually have a favorite read of the year. I will unveil that book on Monday, so keep watching for it. I may actually give out some hints between now and then.

Happy New Year!


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