Top Ten Tuesday - Foodie Books

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

With the title of this top ten Tuesday meme I decided to play around with it and add some favorite childhood books.

The cover will take you to either Goodreads or my blog review.

How could Charlie and the Chocolate Factory not be on this list? I have my dad's copy somewhere and I still remember staying up late reading this, with a flashlight no less, when I was eight or nine.
When this book popped up on my Goodreads feed as I was snagging covers for this post I was immediately reminded of reading this over and over to my girls.
 Another book that has to be on this list. This was the first book my youngest read all the way through.

See the scrumptious chocolate pie to the right? This is not only mentioned in the book, the author gives you the yummy recipe.

This book releases in February, 2018. So long to wait! You can pre-order it here. PRE-ORDER

What are your foodie books? Have you read any of mine? Tell me in the comments.


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I didn't even think of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory - perfect choice!! Yumm... now I want chocolate :)

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