First Line Friday # 23

Friday, June 9, 2017

Welcome to another edition of First Line Friday! What is your first line? What are you reading? Let me know in the comments.

About the book:

When a series of circumstances beyond her control leave Rosalyn Bernay alone and penniless in London, she chances upon a job backstage at a theater which is presenting the most popular show in London. A talented musician and singer, she feels immediately at home and soon becomes enthralled with the idea of pursuing a career on the stage.
An injury during a skirmish in India has forced Nate Moran out of the army until he recovers. Filling his time at a stable of horses for hire in London, he has also spent the past two months working nights as a stagehand, filling in for his injured brother. Although he’s glad he can help his family through a tough time, he is counting the days until he can rejoin his regiment. London holds bitter memories for him that he is anxious to escape. But then he meets the beautiful woman who has found a new lease on life in the very place Nate can’t wait to leave behind.

First Line:

Six Years Later
October 1879

Rosalyn crouched as low as her sturdy walking gown would allow, hiding behind the hedgerow. When she left the orphanage to begin her life as an adult, she'd anticipated some hard times.

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Turtle Springs, Kansas
April 1866

Pa had some kind of nerve, up and dying like that-just when I'd gotten used to Frank being gone. Adjusting her somber bonnet, Caroline Kane exited what was now her inn, onto the boardwalk and then stepped down to the hard-packed dirt street.

First line from Dime Novel Suitor by Carrie Fancett Pagels. This is my "debut" as a character in the story.

My line today: "Blame it on the rhubarb." -Treble at the Jam Fest by Leslie Budewitz.

Happy Reading to you today!

Oooooh, sounds good, and I love her book covers!
Happy Friday! My first line is from Widow by Denise Weimer: "Oglethorpe County, Georgia, June 1857, An angel of light stood before me, blonde, beautiful, one hand behind his back."

Andrea Stephens said...
June 9, 2017 at 11:23 AM

I can't imagine a "sturdy walking gown." I'm so thankful we can wear pants!
My first line is:
The promised view of the mountain peak waited, cloaked in mist like a tissue-wrapped gift not ready to be unveiled.
“The Road to Paradise” by Karen Barnett

Happy Friday, Andi! My first line is from Lisa Wingate's BEFORE WE WERE YOURS: "My story begins on a sweltering August night, in a place I will never set eyes upon."

The line I'm sharing here is a book my 9 year old just finished and enjoyed:
"A bright bolt of lightning splits the dark and flickers over the skylight."
Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor - by: Jon Scieszka

Happy Friday!

My first line is :
“The first inkling that something was wrong was the waking in the darkness to find the cat pawing at my face.” ~ The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware.
I’ve heard great things about this book. I am really looking to reading this mystery/thriller.
Dinh @ Arlene's Book Club

Happy Friday!

Here's mine from Becky Wade's novella Then Came You: "Sylvie left me today."

And that is ALL you're leaving us?! Wow...sounds like a fascinating beginning!

“Maude Welling’s twelve-year-old brother, Jack, raced across the waxed wood floor of the soda shop, straight toward her, then skidded to a halt.”
This first line comes from the book I am currently reading - My Heart Belongs on Mackinac Island by Carrie Fancett Pagels

Sorry Amanda! I almost typed the entire paragraph but thought the author wouldn't be too pleased.

How fun! Happy reading!

Interesting! Happy reading!

This is the first book of her's I've read. It's a great cover.

Me either! I have Road to Paradise on my nightstand to read.

My favorite book of the year! How are you liking it???

What a title! Have a great weekend!

I've heard about this book, a little too scary for me.

I have this one to read too.

This sounds different. Adding it to my TBR!

I'll let you know how it is. This is the first book of her's that I've read.

I love this cover! Can't wait to read this book....will be reviewing it soon. :)

The cover drew me to it when I received the email from Litfuse. I'm interested to hear your take.

I'm watching the mailbox for my copy!

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