Idaho State Semi-Truck Driving Championship

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

About the truck championships:

Ready for some friendly competition?

The annual Idaho State Truck Driving Championship is here again. The Truck Driving Championships was established in 1937 and spotlights the unique skills of the professional truck driver.  This fun, two day event is designed to select all-around champions who are more than just “good drivers”.  For participants, this is the culmination of thousands of hours of their own time spent sharpening their everyday skills and knowledge.

Some of the safest and best drivers compete in the championships every year.  The competition tests the drivers’ industry knowledge with a written test, ability to catch potential problems with a pre-trip inspection drill, and safe driving skills as they navigate a course with six-problems reflecting everyday driving conditions.  The winner of each class has the opportunity to advance to the ATA National Truck Driving Championships.

The Truck Driving Championships benefit companies by creating a more safety-conscious driver. Drivers always have the championships in the back of their minds and try to stay as safe as possible throughout the year.  That’s because drivers must be accident-free during the 12 months preceding the championships in order to compete.

On Saturday, May 13, 2017, my husband, Mark competed in the 5-axle truck and trailer in Idaho's State Truck Driving Championship. 
Friday the entrants did a pre-inspection on the truck and trailer, and took a written test. On Saturday the entrants drove the course with their specific truck, flat-bed, delivery step-truck, truck and trailer. This was Mark's first year competing and he was super nervous, even though he's been driving for thirty years. I didn't make it to his driving portion of the competition, they changed the time. I got there in time to be able to see the step-truck and delivery truck (think UPS and FedEx) compete. During the entire time they were driving Mark went over every detail of his drive and what he did wrong. During the awards ceremony he said he'd be happy if they just mentioned his name, no sooner did he say that then the lady giving out the awards said "This is the first year in thirty years where the competition in 5 -axle trailer was so tight. It literally came down to seconds and there were only two points separating first and second place." After that was said, Mark figured he wasn't getting anything, not even a mention. After she called the third place winner she said "and one of our new drivers this year, his very first time here, from OffSpec Mark Tubbs." Mark was beyond floored and I was trying hard not to cry. We're waiting to hear if he will go to the National Truck Driving Championship, first thru third place in each class are supposed to go to the national competition.

My hunky driver is in the middle.

See, I do do other things besides read books and write reviews. :)


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