Dear Mr. Turner

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Dear Mr. Turner,

I read your letter to the judge on your son's case requesting leniency in his conviction. Frankly, I was appalled! Your son may very well have been all the things you stated in that letter. However, on January 17, 2015 he became a rapist. Everything he was prior to that night does not matter, he chose to take advantage of a young woman and rape her. This is something she will have to live with for the rest of her life, and who knows how long it will take her to heal from what your son did to her. With your letter you are basically saying that he isn't responsible for his actions. He's twenty years old, an adult, he is more than old enough to be responsible, yet both you and the judge are sending a message that rape is not a crime, blaming it on alcohol and frat parties. Brock didn't even apologize to his victim in the courtroom, which may be a good thing since it wouldn't have been genuine. As his father it is your responsibility to teach him right from wrong, and taking responsibility for his actions. You clearly failed in both.
I see you have a daughter, Caroline, is this the stance you really want to take? I can almost guarantee your opinion would be quite different if Caroline was a victim of rape, or at least I hope it would be.
With a father like you, it is no wonder this generation is in the state it is. Parents not teaching and holding their children responsible for their actions. And what about your wife, Brock's mother, is this what your statement would be to the judge if your wife had been assaulted?
Brock did not have just 20 minutes of action as you state in your letter, he RAPED a girl. Let that sink in, he took from her something he didn't have permission to have, and with your words you have justified his actions.
I have six children and while I love all of them and of course don't want them to go through anything painful, mine and my husband's job is to hold them responsible for their actions no matter how hard it is to see them in pain. You, Mr. Turner, have executed a disservice to Brock. He will know that he can do whatever he wants and instead of being held accountable you will assist him in getting away with it.


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