Rise and Shine by Sandra D. Bricker Link-along Post # 4

Monday, April 14, 2014

Welcome to the fourth stop on Sandra D. Bricker's Blog Link-Along about her upcoming book Rise & Shine. Her new book is a contemporary re-telling of an old classic fairytale Sleeping Beauty.

I hope you enjoy your visit. Mark your calendars for April 22nd and join us for the launch party for this incredible book. Here is the link to the Facebook event http://tinyurl.com/RiseShineLaunch

Izzy, is Shannon's best friend. They were roommates in college, and she was Shannon's maid of honor in her wedding. When Shannon wakes up, Izzy is married and has three sons. She married a guy from Ecuador, like her mother told her not to do.
After Shannon wakes up she finds that she loves to cook, Izzy is shocked and amazed. Izzy helps Shannon launch her new business providing healthy food for working professionals. Izzy is a best friend any one would want in their life.

Millicent, is Edmund's sister, therefore Shannon's sister - in - law. The complete opposite of Izzy. Edmund and Millicent grew up in a very well to do family, and all Millicent cares about is the Ridgeway family money, and making sure that Shannon receives none of the "family" money. Millicent reminds me of Cruella De Ville. She doesn't have a kind bone in her body. A perfect villain!

Stop by the Pinterest board for Rise and Shine, there you will find great pictures and quotes from the book.
Rise and Shine Pinterest board  http://www.pinterest.com/andit66/rise-shine-by-sandra-d-bricker/


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