Parent Guilt??? I think So!!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

This was posted on Facebook and I so disagree it isn't even funny.

This blog post says that letting our small children cry is not God's way. I have read the Bible from cover to cover more than once and I don't remember any scripture that says to or not to allow your child to cry it out. This is clearly a parental issue for each family.

This is her ridiculous diagram regarding the needs of a baby. I do believe that a baby has needs and we as their parent are to care for. . . so what do we do when their NEEDS are met??? Continue to rock a wiggly baby because they want to get down and explore their world, or try and feed them when their really not hungry, or change a clean diaper. That is crazy, that is why God gave us a brain to use, and I exercise mine quite well.
Stefani my oldest, was a great nurser, wouldn't take a bottle, and I could pump an entire 8 oz bottle after she was nursed. She on her own slept twelve hours straight when she was six weeks old and scared me to death.
Kassi my middle daughter got sick at nine weeks and for nine weeks I was back and forth to the hospital because she had asthma that they wouldn't diagnose, and she was loosing weight. She didn't like to rock, she wanted to be in her car seat set on the dryer with it on. So, was I neglectful because I did that when she was really fussy?? NOPE! I took care of her need, in the way she wanted.
Kristian was like her oldest sister, a great nurser, she walked early because she wanted to catch up with her sisters . . . so I was suppose to hold her back??? I think not!!!

So the mom who wrote this blog post has looked back on her parenting of her babies, done some research and has come up with HER opinion, and her GUILT!!! I don't think Dr. Dobson would agree. He re-wrote his Dare to Discipline after having raised his two children, and changed his opinion on things after parenting his children to adulthood.

Her comment When we do not respond to our children's cry the only thing we teach them is that their voice does not matter to us.  She is saying that because I allowed my girls to cry when everything was fine in their world, meant that their voice didn't matter . . . WRONG!!! Do we just HEAR them as a baby or all through their growing up years, especially those rough teen years?? I heard my kids in every stage and now that they are adults, who do they call??? ME! So, I think I heard them quite well!!!

Anyone can post anything on the net, that doesn't mean it is correct. Don't allow anyone to GUILT you as a parent because they believe their way is best! We can GUILT ourselves enough.


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