Carolina Reckoning - Reviewed

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Book Blurb:

When 30-something housewife, Alison Monaghan discovers proof of her husband's infidelity in a photograph with a mysterious woman, she must decide how to confront Frank when he returns home from work. Despite the influence of her best friend Valerie, a strong Christian, Alison remains aloof from God and is determined to handle this crisis her own way. But Alison may not get that chance. Frank never makes it home. Soon his body is found on a lonely back-country road in antebellum Weathersby Historic Park where Frank served on the board of directors and where Alison, with a degree in landscape design, was a volunteer garden docent. Homicide detective Mike Barefoot, a Cherokee native from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, immediately puts Alison at the top of his suspect list. He finds himself drawn to her—and not just because she had motive for the crime. As an army veteran, Mike usually keeps his emotional walls high. And as a detective, he knows not to get involved with murder suspects. So why he is so attracted to Alison? Can he fight his feelings for her—and the stirrings in his heart toward God?

 About the author:

Lisa Carter is a writer, teacher, speaker and musician whose articles have appeared in FamilyFun, Thriving Family, MomSense and Christian Parenting Today. Carolina Reckoning is her debut novel, but she was always the child who made up epic tales involving prairie schooners or interplanetary voyages for the neighborhood kids to re-enact during summer vacation. Now, she and her husband have two daughters and make their home in North Carolina. When she isn't writing, Lisa enjoys traveling to romantic locales, quilting and researching her next exotic adventure.

I've been in Alison's shoes. I suspected infidelity in my former husband and it was confirmed by my daughters. I however got the privilege of confronting him and kicking him out! Alison never got that privilege. After finding out her husband is cheating, she receives the news that he has been killed, and of course she is the prime suspect. In unraveling the thread of her husband's murder, she becomes privy to her husband, Frank's private world.
Mike Barefoot, the detective on the case, can't understand why Alison isn't as upset as a wife would be at finding out about the murder of her husband. Alison's children have a difficult time continuing to live in their affluent neighborhood, with the knowledge that their father has left them penniless.

Overall this was a decent book. I giggled every time I saw the name Mike Barefoot, considering I attended church with a man named Mike Barefoot in Virginia. He was not a detective.
The spiritual element was very low key, not in your face.
I just didn't feel the edge of my seat pull as I have with other romantic suspense novels I have read in the past.


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