Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Des is hopeful, she likes all the guys she has, and this is a great place to fall in love.
I wonder if that is scripted, because it is the same mantra every week.

Seriously these idiots have to have someone to hate on. First it was Ben and now it is James. Really bozo’s! How about you concentrate on your own relationship with Des and leave the rest alone. However, James is a problem.

Enter Chris to tell the guys about the dates . . .
A group date and two individual date’s roses up for grabs on all the dates. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

No cocktail party, so use you’re time wisely.

Drew – Jake’s mini-me gets the first individual date card.
It says, Drew lets build a foundation for love. He says he doesn’t want the tension with James to affect their date, he’s going to concentrate on his date with Des. We’ll see!
She says their going to explore the city. He says he can’t stop thinking about a kiss, so he kisses her. Des said a strong foundation to build the day on, and off they go.
It’s cold and rainy so they get hot chocolates, they drink from a fountain that when you do it means you will come back to Spain.
They go to a little place to eat, and Drew pours out his heart about his dad who is an alcoholic and has cancer, and he is the person who has made him who he is.
Des is glad he was able to share his feelings; she wants a man who can share his feelings.
They sit down to dinner, and his emotions are getting the best of him, so he steals her way, they go down a corridor, and they start making out.

Back at the castle, the date card arrives.  It is a group date, Brooks has the card.
Juan Pablo

Zak – naked Texas dude didn’t want his name on that card because he wanted to spend time with Des.

In the corridor, Drew begins the conversation about James giving her the choice of whether to know what he overheard. She says she does, so Mini-Me tells her about the conversation he and Kasey overheard from James. He felt bad for telling her, and she was grateful.

She’s super mad that James isn’t as honest as he led her to believe, and she’s crying.

The group date, the guys are excited, and she wants to believe that James’ comment was taken out of context or misunderstood, and she wants to give him the benefit of the doubt and have fun with the guys on the soccer field.

She tells the guys they are going to be playing a game against her team and she comes out with a bunch of girls and they think it is nothing serious . . . it is professional from Spain.

The girls are kickin’ butt!!!!

James is a scaredy cat in the goal, he won’t even block the ball. So, the girls win.

They go back to Des’ place and Kasey mentions again that something needs to be said about James.

Des takes Chris to go talk, and he even says something about timing to tell Des about James, it’s becoming a whine fest. She shows him her room, and she has written him poetry. A change.  She tells him he is athletic, we knew that, thanks for the update.

Back to the living area and the guys confronting James, he looks like he is going to pounce on one of them.

Brooks is going on about how emotionally invested they are and how surprised he is about it.

Confrontation continues and James, denies he ever said it. James continues to rant saying that he never said if he made it to the final 4 he’d have a chance at being the next bachelor, he continues saying that Mikey said it and it was guy talk. Oh really dude!
He says he was just kidding around, that is how he is, and he didn’t come here to make them understand him.
James is a child, and needs to leave. What a jerk!

So, now Kasey is telling Des about James.

She sends all the guys back to the castle, except James and she’s going to talk to him.
She confronts him about what he said and he is lying straight to her face.
He goes on about how the guys don’t like him because they have something and they are jealous.
Uh- not happening dude! They have a relationship with her, if you didn’t say these things why didn’t you expose Mikey, because you said them.

James feels robbed, really jerk! What about Des, she’s the one having to figure out whose telling the truth. Crying and acting like he did nothing wrong, the guys are right about him, he is not ready to be a husband, and he is definitely not able to handle the environment.

One on One with Zak – naked Texas dude, their off to explore the art of the city, they end up at a art studio, where they draw the statue in front of them, he’s embarrassed about his drawing, so they decide to draw each other, they are laughing and smiling at each other’s drawings.
In comes a male model who drops his robe and Des is worried about how Zak will react with the naked model.
He goes on saying this is all about Des, and being romantic. He leaves and comes back in a robe. He drops his robe, and is in tighty whities, any way for him to be naked. Des laughs because she wants someone who can go with the flow and have fun.
Dinner is in a wine cellar. His parents have been married 31-32 years, and he believes that the reason he is still single is because he wants that independent person. He goes on about her being an exceptional person, and that’s why he came. She gives him the rose, she likes his adventurous and curios spirit.

At the castle, James asks to talk to Drew, mini-me. Drew, is kind and lays it out and James continues to say that he isn’t positioning himself; he was just saying that was the worst that could happen, if he doesn’t end up with Des.

Zak was just talking about his date, and Des comes in and asked to talk to James.

Outside the conversation between Des and James is tense. He says what they were talking about was just scenarios nothing more. Really?!

Mini-me, Brooks, and Kasey are on the balcony talking about the entire situation, and how they won’t be able to believe she’ll keep him.

Des starts crying and he tells her not to cry, and that if she doesn’t see a relationship with him then said him home but don’t send him home because of this.
More tears!

He walks back in to the room, and tries to be so polite asking to sit down. Can I have a bucket now!
He goes on about how this isn’t reality and when he goes back home he will date etc. The guys say when you’re with someone you aren’t thinking about the next girl.  It is clear that James came in with an agenda, and he expected to get away with it. You will be found out.

James is a manwhore and needs to take a hike.

Brooks!!! YAHOO!!!!

James, Juan Pablo???, and Kasey don’t get roses.

Juan Pablo prattles on about how he wants a family, Christmas’, and birthday parties.

James goes on about how he had a conversation in a car, and nobody will know the truth.
He got bullied out the door. OH PUHLEASE!

They toast to Madera and we see lots of kissing, and more tears for Des.

She is just a mess! Will there be a moment without Des crying.


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