Saturday, June 22, 2013

Okay, a friend and fellow blogger posed the question on Facebook, asking how long you've been married and what advice would you give to a couple struggling.

Someone had the nerve to say "If people thought they couldn't get remarried they may work harder on the marriage they are in. Marriage is a serious decision and people rush into it too many times thinking the next one will work."

Oh really! Well . . . divorce isn't easy, it just doesn't happen overnight. And . . . we're suppose to stay in a marriage with someone who refuses to go to counseling, work on the relationship, and/or be faithful.
Don't think that is what God intended. God hates divorce and I am not advocating it at all. However, people who make statements about something they KNOW nothing about should go through it first!
I had no idea what divorce was like until I went through mine. It is painful! God says we are one, and that isn't a LIE, because in a divorce you feel like you are being torn apart from the other person.
Divorce is a train wreck and once the divorce part is over you are left with the pieces, and each person heals differently.
Healing is the key, if you don't take time to heal, get to know who you are without your spouse, you will not be good to anyone, and it all comes down to allowing God to be the lover of your heart first before you can even think about getting re-married, or being serious with someone.

Are there people out there that go from one marriage to the next. Of course there are, don't lump us all into the same category, especially if you haven't walked in our shoes, our shoes are big and hard to fill!


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