Bachelorette . . . Desiree

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Previews showing Des kissing the guys and a rap video with Solja Boy. Oh yay!!! I am so into rap! UH NOT!
As we see the previews all the guys are hating on Ben . . . he's just a little too sure of himself. You know the type the one who thinks all the girls are just fawning over him.

Enter Chris Harrison with the date card . . . he explains that there will only be one . . . count it 1 individual date and then group dates. If Des does not want to keep you on the individual date then you will not receive the rose on the date and are going home.

Brooks receives the first one on one date. He is pumped, and ready to go. Jake's mini-me, is JEALOUS! Well sorry dude! There are 19 guys and she had to choose someone. You'll get your turn . . . maybe.
Ben's comment, he's nice but he's not me, like he is the cat's meow or something.

Brook and Des go to a bridal shop dress in wedding clothes. Seems natural since she designs wedding dresses. Brook just went with the flow. I mean how many guys are willing to put on a green tux. He picks her up and puts her in car, and they go to a bakery. No sooner do they arrive then they are bombarded with fans who want to take Des' picture.
They climb up to the Hollywood sign and have a picture perfect Hollywood kiss.
Des is driving and they get lost, or do they? The date ends with a dance on the street.

Des was really smart giving Brooks the first date, he just went with the flow and had fun which is what she is looking for.

The rap video group date was not pretty. All of the lyrics were about past bachelors, and these guys would've done better at the gym than doing a rap video, esp since they were all trying to "out - do" each other. Which in itself was pretty sad.

Ben is like the gum on your shoe that you just can't get rid of. He gets the rose from the rap group date so he's safe, yet during the cocktail party he interrupts Michael who was telling Des about having type 1 diabetes. Ben has no class and thinks he has this in the bag.

Des is hopeful and at the end of the cocktail party they toast to "All the right reasons"
Will, Robert, and Nick go home. I have no idea why she let go of Robert.

The previews show a girlfriend arriving and chewing out who she thought was just taking time off.


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I had wondered about why she let Robert go, too ... he seemed nice, and he was certainly attractive! Then I saw that Des tweeted that Robert had dated one of her friends in the past, so I guess that makes sense. I wish she would have talked to him about it, though--the poor guy seemed awfully confused!

I saw that tweet after I wrote this blog post, and I think she should have talked to him about it too.

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