Begining 30 Things About Me . . . for 30 days. Day 1

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 1 20 Random Facts About Me.

1. I am full blooded Italian.

2. I am adopted.

3. I was born in San Francisco, CA.

4. My birth family hails from Bologna, Italy.

5. My dad was in the navy, we lived in Cali, Northern VA, Colorado, and Florida.

6. I love reality shows.

7. I can't stand the snow.

8. Summer is my favorite season.

9. My first husband was also in the navy, and we lived in Hawaii for 4 years, I loved it!

10. The book of John is my favorite of all in the Bible.

11. I could listen to the song 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman all day and not get tired of it.

12. My husband, Mark is truly my best friend and God hand picked him for me.

13. I homeschooled my 3 daughters, and loved every second of it and miss it!

14. I have 8 of the most precious grandchildren God could have ever created, and I love them all dearly.

15. I have epilepsy, but it does not have me!

16. I am now the mom to six and I feel blessed beyond measure.

17. I was given a great Christian heritage which I do not take for granted.

18. I love being able to blog and review for all the authors that I have the privilege to, they are such a blessing!

19.  Jon Bon Jovi is my secret crush. :)SHHH!
20.  I will try anything once.


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