Time . . . Breastfeeding . . . REALLY

Thursday, May 10, 2012

This Time cover is getting a lot of ATTENTION and horrible feedback. As a mother who breastfed her children I'm not at all happy with the negative attention this is getting. I gave birth to three beautiful daughters and breastfed all of them. I breastfed the oldest and the youngest for 3 years and I am darn proud of it! It is not what everyone thinks it is! It is not like when the baby is an infant and nursing every 3-4 hours, nor is it what is pictured above. My children never, EVER came up to me and lifted my shirt and sucked on my breast. I would have never allowed that. As a nursing child gets older the nursing lessens, it is more for comfort and bonding. My girls nursed in the morning when they woke up, before nap time, and just before bed. As a baby they would nurse about 15 minutes on each side, when they were older, not even that long.
And what is the difference for a child nursing than a 3 year old walking around with a bottle it their mouth or a pacifier???????????????????????? At least nursing is in PRIVATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
However, as a mom, I was asked to leave a Denny's when Stefani was 2 months old because an older couple, they were in their 60's, were offended because I was nursing her. She was covered under a blanket, yet they were OFFENDED!!!!!! Puhlease!!!!!! To me it is more natural to breastfeed than stick a bottle in a baby's mouth. So before you bash a breastfeeding mother, please know that it is not what is pictured on the cover of TIME!!!!!!!
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