Five Miles South of Peculiar - Reviewed

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Book Blurb:  If these three sisters don't change direction, they'll end up where they're going.
Darlene Caldwell has spent a lifetime tending Sycamores, an estate located five miles south of a small town called Peculiar. She raised a family in the spacious home that was her grandfather's legacy, and she enjoys being a pillar of the community. Sycamores is the kingdom where she reigns as queen . . . until her limelight-stealing twin sister unexpectedly returns.
Carlene Caldwell, veteran of the Broadway stage, is devastated when she realizes that an unsuccessful throat surgery has spelled the end of her musical career. Searching for a new purpose in life, she retreats to Sycamores, her childhood home. She may not be able to sing, but she hopes to use her knowledge and experience to fashion a new life in Peculiar, the little town she left behind.
Haunted by a tragic romance, Magnolia Caldwell is the youngest of the Caldwell girls. Nolie has never wanted to live anywhere but Sycamores. She spends her days caring for her dogs and the magnificent gardens she's created on the estate, but when she meets a man haunted by his own tragedy, she must find the courage to either deny her heart or cut the apron strings that tie her to a dear and familiar place.
Can these sisters discover who they are meant to be when life takes an unforeseen detour? In a season of destiny, three unique women reunite and take unexpected journeys of the heart

My Thoughts: GOOD GRIEF!!!!  The twins in this book needed a good knock upside the head! I swear they were both whining about something! Carlene about how Darlene took Griff from her, and Darlene about how Carlene got all the attention. I don't know how many times I wanted to throw the book across the room for their behavior! It was on my kindle so that wasn't happening.
Nolie, their younger sister was the only one with any sense at all!
Angela Hunt has written a great book about forgiveness, moving on, finding peace with the past. 
These sisters had their own demons to deal with. Carly must find a new way to handle not being able to sing on Broadway, and she does. Darly, has the demon of not being loved by her husband, Griff who died, because she had stole him from her twin Carly; and now she is seeing the Mayor Henry. When Carly arrives all of Darly's fears come back. Nolie was stood up at the altar and has put everything into her garden, her dogs, and making aprons for the people of Peculiar. Then one day Erik, a minister comes to Sycamores because his wife left him, and his church let him go because they didn't think he'd be a good pastor being divorced. He is told about Sycamores and becomes their handyman. There are lots of new beginnings and healed hearts. This is a great read and one to toss in your beach bag for the summer! Don't miss it!!!


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