Sunday, November 25, 2012

To my readers, and to all those I review for and potential publishers and authors I may review for. This is MY BLOG!!!! I have the right to give my honest opinion about a book, CD, or product I am asked to review. I will not be harassed into removing a blog post because an author, musician, or distributor is unhappy with my review.

I think it is really sad when book influencers, reviewers are put in a position to be harassed by someone because they can't handle a review. My advice, get thick skin . . . not everyone is going to like what you write. It's open to interpretation, and that can be good or bad depending on the person who is reading it.
Take what is said and apply it to make what you wrote better.


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Yep, reviews are worthless if they aren't honest. Sorry, you've been harassed.

Thanks Sarah! It's nothing I can't handle. I was just shocked and amazed that in the 5 years I have been reviewing that I experienced it from 2 authors. On one occasion I gave an honest review of the children's book and the other book I said I was interested in the book but since the author gave so much away in the prologue there was no reason to read it.

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