Another 4 Years of Obama . . .

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Well to all you Obama supporters who voted him in for another 4 years . . . don't you even complain about no jobs, your horrible financial situation, the rotten job you are in and the one you can't find. Oh, and don't you even say that you say that you are a supporter of the military, because you cannot be a supporter of Obama and support our troops! If there is one thing he definitely DOESN'T do besides a list of all others, is support our men and women in uniform!
Also, don't gripe about your health care, lack of, high cost, medicine cost, wait, not being able to see the doctor you want. You put him there you got what you wanted.

And who is Obama going to blame now?!? For the last four years he has been blaming his presidency on Bush. WELL, Bush hasn't been the President for the last four years has he??? Obama has. So he will have to take responsibility for his actions these last four years! Not that he will!

And you can bet that Michelle will begin planning vacations, before January peeks it's head.

Yesterday was a SAD, SAD day for America!


For those who chose the better of the two candidates that offered change and hope. Pray, and pray hard.
There are so many signs that as a Christ follower, I see from Obama's first term that is just plain scary, and I fear it is just going to get worse. Regardless of him being in the White House, Christ is still on the throne!


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