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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

 It is a time of innocence and prosperity. The Women’s Suffrage Movement gains more attention with each passing day. All across the country housewives and young ladies harbor hope that they might finally win the right to vote. Patriotism is at its peak as the war to end all wars rages an ocean away. On the homefront, in a small town in Michigan, life is being lived out like the pages of a Mark Twain novel. Until an unseen enemy, deadlier than any human adversary, threatens Mankind’s very existence. Elliot Owens – The only thing in the world that matters to Elliot is his wife and their five children, and he will do everything in his power to protect them. Daniel Pullman – When his plans to join the Army are dashed following an injury, meeting the love of his life makes the disappointment easier to bear. Colby Thornton – A devoted minister whose congregation loves him nearly as much as he loves them, Colby struggles with bitterness toward the wife who doesn’t love him at all. Marcus McClelland – One of the local funeral directors, Marcus lives his life avoiding close relationships because if he doesn’t care about anyone, it won’t hurt when he loses them. Jonathon Owens – At ten years old all Jonathon dreams of is to be a war hero…by proving that his German neighbor is a spy. When all is said and done, will any of them survive?

My Thoughts: I loved this community of Charlotte, Michigan. They were endearing and you wanted to cheer for them. I especially loved the Owens family, the minister Colby, and Daniel. All is going along well with a few bumps in the road as life does until the Spanish Influenza hits and begins to move it's way across the country. My heart broke as the families of this community lost different members of their family to this disease. We think nothing of the FLU now. We may or may not get the vaccine, but back in 1918 it was deadly. I highly recommend this book! It was not only a great read but educational!

The author is giving away 1 print copy of this book and 3 digital copies per blog post. My giveaway will start today, 4/24 and I will pull 4 winners on Monday, April 30th. 

You also have a chance to win an Amazon gift card one $25.00 or a $10.00 as Kristy is giving away 2- $25.00 and 10- $10.00 just click on the blog tour graphic at the top of my post and it will take you to Lightning Book promotions and you will see all the bloggers on tour, go to each one and comment on their review of this book and you're entered. Good Luck!


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Thank you, Andi. I'm so glad that you enjoyed Enza. And I appreciate the kind things you've said about it. :)

You're so welcome! I really enjoyed it! I read it in two days. It was a great book! I could tell you did your research. :)

I would love to win/read this book. It sounds terrific.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

Thanks, Andi. Researching for Enza was one of the things I enjoyed the most. It was a very interesting period in our history.

Hi, Linda. I'm crossing my fingers that you're one of the winners! :)

I found you over at Reena's and decided to hop on over here to see what's happening. Great review and can't wait to read the story.
Best of luck on your blog tour.
MaryLynn Bast

Hi MaryLynn,
Glad you popped on over. Hope you are one of the winners. Don't forget to become a follower of my blog. I do a lot of giveaways here.

I have downloaded Enza and am excited to start reading it today. can't wait. good luck with this book, Kristy. it's a new time period for me to read about, and I know it will be a wonderful story full of new informaiton

Hi, Mary, thanks so much! I hope you enjoy reading Enza as much as I enjoyed writing it. :)

Hi, Louise. It's definitely an interesting time in our history. I don't know if you know who Doris Day is, but I found a couple of her movies set in that time period. I didn't wind up using much of anything from them because they were both musicals and probably not as accurate as they should have been (however, I don't know this for a fact). But they sure were fun to watch. :)

The two winners are:
Linda Kish

I need to know who can have a e-version, and MaryLynn I need your email address.


Nice Review....I am Elizabeth from Silver's Reviews.

I am a current follower.

Enter me in the Amazon giveaway please.


Hi again, Andi...
I was wondering if you had the name and address for the winner of the paperback copy of Enza yet. I'm getting the books ready to mail and want to make sure I have everyone covered. Thanks so much!


No I don't as no one has gotten back to me.

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