Love Wins - Rob Bell

Friday, March 25, 2011

This new book by Pastor Rob Bell is causing lots of controversy among Christians everywhere. Well . . if you know me well, I love this stuff! BRING IT ON! I am not one to shy away from controversy! I was introduced to Rob Bell when I moved to Idaho and went to the single's Sunday School class. They were watching his NOOMA video series.
Some will say Rob has embraced universalism theology because of this book . . . I say GIVE ME A BREAK! I am so incredibly sick and tired people PLAYING GOD! The last time I checked GOD IS GOD! He decides who will go to Heaven and who will go to Hell. Jesus is the bridging gap, which is true. Are they willing to look into their Bibles and see that Christ disliked with a passion the religious leaders of the day. Yet our western churches have become that. We have so many THEOLOGIES a person could get lost. Christ came about a relationship that is so personal for each individual - when we step out of line we know it in our spirit. I don't believe the churches of our day is what Christ envisioned when he hung on the cross 2,000+ yrs ago. I believe within my spirit the Acts church that he told Peter he'd build his church on was what he envisioned. A church where everyone gave of themselves to help their neighbor, went out and fed the poor, took care of the widows and orphans, if our churches were like that today we'd be so full of the lost we couldn't contain them. Our own spirits would be so overflowing with joy it would be contagious.
Rob Bell's book is the least of our worries! He's hit a nerve because no one wants to take a real look at themselves or the church they attend. Self-reflection is a hard thing. I challenge you to give this book a chance. Rob isn't wanting to be the deciding VOTE, he's wanting to get us to think about what's going on in our world today . . . the question is will you?

Passport Through Darkness

As she shares her extraordinary stories of fighting human trafficking as an ordinary mom, Kimberly Smith offers hope for readers who wonder if God is calling them to greater things.

Passport Through Darkness takes readers on Smith’s journey from normal family life and business, to Europe, to the deserts of Africa and ultimately, to the deserts of her own soul as she tries to live well as an imperfect American mom, crusade for justice for orphans around the world, and embrace God’s extraordinary dreams for her. When Kimberly and her husband risk everything to answer God’s call, they see God change and restore them—even amid exhaustion, marital struggles, and physical limitations.

This heartbreaking, heartlifting book is for anyone who longs to see God move their life from normal to one that matters. It is a call to readers to take one more step on their journey to know God’s heart.

There have been a lot of books lately about human trafficking. They just break your heart. This is another one. This is a true, and personal story that will grip your heart. Recommend!
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