The Revenge of The Radioactive Lady Reviewed

Monday, March 28, 2011

Description: Seventy-seven-year-old Marylou Ahearn is going to kill Dr. Wilson Spriggs come hell or high water. In 1953, he gave her a radioactive cocktail without her consent as part of a secret government study that had horrible consequences.

Marylou has been plotting her revenge for fifty years. When she accidentally discovers his whereabouts in Florida, her plans finally snap into action. She high tails it to hot and humid Tallahassee, moves in down the block from where a now senile Spriggs lives with his daughter’s family, and begins the tricky work of insinuating herself into their lives. But she has no idea what a nest of yellow jackets she is stum­bling into.

Before the novel is through, someone will be kidnapped, an unlikely couple will get engaged, someone will nearly die from eating a pineapple upside-down cake laced with anti-freeze, and that’s not all . . .

Told from the varied perspectives of an incredible cast of endearing oddball characters and written with the flair of a native Floridian, this dark comedy does not disappoint.

My Thoughts: This book is laugh out loud funny. Marylou was pregnant in the 50's, she was a patient of William Spriggs. He gave her a radioactive cocktail without her permission as part of an experiment. She thought she was taking vitamins . . . she found out that was not what she was taking. His experiment took the life of her only child Helen. Marylou tracks William down only to find that he is suffering from memory loss . . that just adds to the quirkiness and hilarity of this novel. This is definitely a must read!


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Thanks so much for your kind and thoughtful review of my book!!!!

You are so welcome! :)

I won this book and got it in the mail yesterday. I am really looking forward to reading it.

I've given you an Award on my blog click the link to see the award!

Nora St.Laurent
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