Horses Never Lie About Love

Friday, November 4, 2011

Combining the drama of The God of Animals with the powerful realism of Chosen by a Horse, award-winning poet Jana Harris tells the inspiring story of her twenty-four year relationship with a troubled but beautiful, blood-red feral mare who, in spite of her troubled past, has a talent for healing and helping every human and other being she comes into contact with.
When Jana Harris and her husband landed in Washington State, Harris realized that she could fulfill her lifelong dream of raising and riding horses. But in True Colors, her first broodmare, Harris got more than she bargained for: a complex, traumatized animal whose outsized personality would transform everyone around her, both human and equine.

When True Colors arrived at Harris’s farm, she was in dire shape. She had survived a range fire that had scarred her head, ears, and lungs, and she was terrified of most people, especially men. True Colors sensed demons hiding in everything from the scent of fabric softener to a gate in a fence, and her will to escape was enormous. In Horses Never Lie About Love, Harris lyrically recounts how this wounded, implacable beast nevertheless held a magical influence over the other horses of the ranch and how she eased uncannily into the role of mother after having a foal. In time she became the heart of the ranch—now thirty-three years old, she is a matriarchal presence without whom the other horses cannot sleep at night, and whose quiet wisdom transmits strength of character that transcends the thin line between animals and the humans they love.

Whether you are a horse lover or not you will love this book! Has the feel of the Horse Whisperer yet so much more. Truly a beautiful book.


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