His Other Wife Reviewed

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New York Times bestselling author Deborah Bedford sweeps readers into this compelling drama with her trademark style of beautiful, lyrical writing. Since her divorce from Eric, Hilary has done everything she can to control life for herself and her son. Beneath a calm surface, she is terrified of failing Seth. She's worked hard to raise him on her own, and she's succeeded--he's now set to graduate from high school and enroll at the University of Illinois with a full scholarship.

But Hilary's worst fears are realized when there is a rock-climbing accident at a post-graduation campout. A young girl is hurt, and Seth is arrested. Pamela, Eric's new wife and Seth's stepmother, blames Hilary for letting Scott go to the campout in the first place. With Seth's college scholarship now just a distant memory and his entire future at stake, the two women must come together for Seth's sake.

Is Hilary's love strong enough to save her son and release him to her ex-husband's other wife?

My Take: Hilary has taken care of Seth on her own since her divorce from her ex husband, Eric. She is very proud of the young man he has become. Seth is set to graduate and go to college in the fall. Hilary's world is turned upside down, as is Seth's when he goes to a campout to celebrate graduation with his friends and a tragic accident happens, and Seth is arrested. Typical blended family scenario happens . . . new step-mother blames Hilary for letting Seth go in the first place, Hilary is already upset because she let Seth go and she sees his dreams going down the tubes, and his dad, Eric is of no help. The dynamic is something you could watch on any Dr. Phil or Oprah . . . the difference is that Hilary's faith is not in herself it's in God.


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